ZAO Organic Makeup

Have you ever questioned what your favourite makeup products were made from and how they were tested?

There are some great brands that pride themselves on being totally organic and cruelty free whilst also being really beautiful quality. They still hold the high standard of makeup you would expect just without all the harsh chemicals and giving you the peace of mind knowing that no innocent animals have been harmed and tested on.

ZAO organic makeup sells a gorgeous range of organically sourced and produced makeup, with a huge range of products such as liquid and powder foundations, matte lipsticks, eyeliners and mascaras.
The brand’s creator has over 10 years of experience with natural and organic cosmetics with a strong vision to create and provide formulas enriched with actively organic ingredients and materials.
Each product is sustainably packaged with bamboo for both casings and formulations. To make the brand even more ethical, the products are mostly refillable, meaning you keep the case and repurchase the product to refill it once you are finished.

I love finding great products with ethical values behind them and Zao have developed 100% natural combinations and formulas, in order to enhance your natural beauty without exposing your skin to harsh chemicals which can be found in other makeup branded products.

Certified organic by Ecocert, this brand is free from all toxic chemicals including parabens, instead using micronised silver as a preservative 

Zao have developed their formulas and products to respect your skin as well as the environment with absolutely no testing on animals for neither the ingredients nor the final products. The brand has also ensured they kept their ingredients in mind to create cosmetics with skin improving and enhancing qualities such as bamboo stem powder, with a high silica level it helps to improves skins elasticity. There are also many antibacterial and anti-radical ingredients throughout the products which all do great for your skin. 

Not only will you be wearing makeup that is great for fair trade and the environment, it will also help to enhance your skins natural beauty and elasticity keeping your face clear and young looking.
Despite prices being slightly higher than your usual high street brands, you can invest in your skin knowing what good it is doing without you even really realising.


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