YouTube Talent: Verge Loves Rose x Rose

Video still from Drake Mashup

Video still from Rose x Rose Drake Mashup

YouTube has its quirks and endless hours entertainment. Along with entertainment and new discoveries comes finding new talent that is refreshing in every way. Here at Verge, we love coming across new talent and looking at Rose x Rose, we know you are going to love this duo.

Rose x Rose, who both happen to be named Rosemary, were in the same acapella group whilst at uni and had decided to combine their singing talent to create some killer mashups. Utilizing Instagram, the duo started to post short videos of their favourite songs to sing and whilst studying in Los Angeles, had decided to take a more professional approach.

Check out their brilliant Drake mashup video below:

You can also follow Rose x Rose on their Instagram account rose_stagram_  and find more on their YouTube channel here.