YouTube Reveals Pet Portraits as Popular Hobby of 2023

YouTube is spotlighting diverse hobbies across online platforms, with ‘Pet Portraits’ emerging as a popular hobby of 2023. As YouTube Shorts is now averaging over 70 billion daily views, it forms a key resource for UK adults looking for a new pastime, with over two thirds (66%) of 16-24 year olds being more likely to be inspired to take up an activity they watch online. As the new year approaches, it’s never been a better time to try something new and exciting.

As we head towards the new year and the season of fresh starts and resolutions, documenting your newfound love of fitness or a musical instrument on YouTube might make it stick, as over a quarter (27%) of UK adults say that sharing their hobbies online would make them more likely to keep them up.

With diverse hobbies on the rise, more people are turning to YouTube to immerse themselves in the world of pet portraiture and learning tips and tricks from creators on the platform. More than ever, YouTube Shorts is home to a myriad of creators showcasing their hobbies and pastimes with the world.

Leading creative YouTubers such as @DavePortersArt, @gracemurrayart, @londonglassblowing, @doodiescrochet and @thefoldinglady are just a few examples of the vast community using the platform to inspire users through hobbies. From glassblowing to crocheting, these creators are a testament to YouTube’s aim to provide the perfect place to inspire users to move from viewing to doing.

When it comes to family, 80% of UK adults said they strongly consider their pet a true member of the family, and 52% would want to create a memento to remember their pet.


Pet Portrait Masterclass

YouTube Shorts has partnered with TV Presenter and Actor, Jake Quickenden, to demonstrate how rewarding it can be to take on a new hobby. Jake hosted a masterclass on December 12th alongside YouTube Shorts creator and artist Emily Rose for a select few to discover one of the hottest trends on YouTube this year, learn about how young people are interacting with hobbies online, and highlight YouTube’s role in fueling the discovery and curiosity among its audiences.

Jake Quickenden, TV Presenter and Actor says: “It’s fascinating to see how young people are engaging with new hobbies and pastimes online. Whether you’re into pet portraits, pickleball or pressure washing, on YouTube Shorts you can find that someone or something that inspires you and stokes your curiosity, allowing you to discover incredible new pastimes that you may never have come across before.

As we head into the new year and the time for resolutions, the research shows that you may be more likely to stick with your resolution if you document it online. So if you’re aiming to learn that instrument you’ve always talked about playing, or want to train for that marathon, why not start putting your efforts online – it might just keep the motivation going! I’m looking forward to kicking 2024 off right and learning how to celebrate my cat Purdey with her very own pet portrait, using Emily Rose’s tips to guide me.”

YouTube Shorts creator and pet portrait artist Emily Rose Wildlife Art is providing a step-by-step guide exploring How to Draw your Pet, only on YouTube Shorts. Head to Emily’s channel on YouTube Shorts now to learn all about pet portraits, and show off your new-found talents to loved ones this Christmas with a personal dedication to their furry friends.

Emily Rose, YouTube Shorts Creator & Pet Portrait Artist says: “I love using YouTube to share my passions with all kinds of people online. YouTube Shorts is about telling your story and sharing your passions with your community in a quick and easy format. With its rich library of content, Shorts gives people the opportunity to discover and interact with diverse new hobbies and interests, and is the perfect place to inspire you to move from viewing to doing.’

YouTube Shorts is a way for anyone to connect with a new audience using just a smartphone and the Shorts camera in the YouTube mobile app. With capture and editing tools built right into the YouTube app, people can shoot, share and watch short, 60-seconds or less vertical videos. YouTube Shorts are now averaging over 70 billion daily views, and are being watched by over 2B logged-in users every month.

For the opportunity to win your own bespoke pet portrait created by YouTube Shorts artist Emily Rose, go to Emily Rose Wildlife Art to submit your own pet portrait alongside a pet photo using the hashtag #YouTubeShortsPets (for full T&Cs visit Emily Rose Wildlife Art).

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