Your Different Working Options in South Africa

Different working options in South Africa

If you’re looking to broaden your career prospects and experience the thrill of visiting exotic locations, then South Africa could be a great place to visit.

South Africa has the second largest economy in Africa behind Nigeria. Plus it is one of only four countries ranked as an upper-middle income economy by the World Bank, and is also enjoying a heady sense of optimism since the fall of Apartheid.


Unskilled labour

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For a quick entry into the South African workforce, there is a range of unskilled opportunities. With cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town keen to make their mark in the country’s nascent tourism industry, there is always work in the growing construction industry.

Furthermore, the main metropolises are also enjoying a global reputation for their unique bars, cafes and restaurants that seek seasonal workers who are experienced in the service industry and can display the ability to understand the needs of the modern tourist.

Employment agencies such as Nobuntu can be a good place to start in seeing what a variety of work there is on offer in South Africa. And such agencies offer the ability to upload your CV so as to quickly enter the workplace when the need arises.


Skilled options

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South Africa has an impressive reputation on the global stage for its 7.6% economic growth rate since the fall of Apartheid. This has been focused in the locations of Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal and the Western Cape where expertise in areas of business services, real estate and finance now contribute 24% to the South African economy.

The post-Apartheid era has also done much to attract investment through regulation such as 2004’s Gambling Act that has heralded a new dawn for South Africa as a pleasure seeker’s paradise.

Now there is a range of large resort complexes such as Sun City that offer a host of employment opportunities for those interested in tourism and corporate work. And interestingly, the gambling market has also felt the benefit of South Africa’s online boom where an increase in sites such as Black Diamond Casino will seek skilled workers to supply the country’s demand for a high quality gaming experience. Despite not having the obvious roles that their brick and mortar cousins may have available, online casinos require support staff, call centre support and obviously developers and site designers too.



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Traditional conservation work on one of South Africa’s many safari parks and heritage sites is another way that should be considered when looking to enter the South African workforce.

Many websites such as Conservation Africa can provide you with an understanding of the skills required, and furthermore, they can also offer a range of voluntary options to enhance your skills in this varied and demanding line of work.

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