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If you were as unlucky as I was and were forced into a disgusting uniform at school, you might remember that your school shoes became sacred. They were the only way of really expressing yourself, short of dyeing streaks into your hair (something I tried circa 2006) to stand out from the rest. School shoes were important because they said something about you that emanated beyond the school gates.

Though we’ve left those dull days behind, I don’t think too much has changed. The sneakers you wear, the brogue boots, the heels, the flats, whatever give the rest of the world a glance at who you are. What kind of work you do. How you like to spend your time and your money. Your shoes do that in a weird way. That kind of impression is often made at a glance, on the tube or on the bus, waiting in the line at EAT. But now a new YouGov profiler lets you delve a little deeper.


You type in your favourite brand name, place or thing and the profiler has a good guess at the type of life you lead. For instance, it reckons, perhaps rightly, that the Nike customer is a 25-39 year old woman from London who loves Shepherd’s Pie and follows Mo Farah on Twitter. The typical Vans wearer is a Northerner, particularly from Manchester. He is aged between 18-24 (not surprising). He loves Ben & Jerry’s, South Park, reads Kerrang and is a self-confessed nerd.

Image3It’s a pretty cool thing and you should give it a go by typing in a brand that you’re wearing right now. I did it whilst wearing my Clarks desert boots. Turns out I’m a 60-year-old lady from Wales with an obsession for M&S and Il Divo. I also drive a Skoda. Who knew?

Give it a go for your self here:

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