Ahead of Clash at the Castle in Cardiff on 3rd September, we caught up with Superstar Doudrop to hear how she feels about the first stadium show in the UK for 30 years:


You are now living in the US as a WWE Superstar on RAW. What have been the biggest differences from living in Scotland?

The heat! Everywhere in America is so warm. As a plus size, partially ginger, very fair skinned Scotswoman I am not ok. I can’t wait for winter to come around!


Who across the roster has really been helping you to settle into US life? 

All of the Raw women’s locker room have been incredible in welcoming me and making me feel at home with them but a special shout out has to go out to Nikki A.S.H., Tamina, Sarah Schreiber and Rhea Ripley. 


Clash at the Castle will be taking place on September 3rd. As the card continues to develop, what can fans look forward to at this momentous stadium event?

Do you know what? I think the fans can look forward to having the most exciting matches with the best WWE Superstars, but do you know what I think is the biggest takeaway from this event? I think it’s what the WWE Superstars can expect from the Welsh fans, because it’s going to be absolutely wild. It’s going to be crazy and it’s going be one of the best events they’ve ever performed at. 


Have you been to Wales many times before? What do you love about the country? 

I love that it’s so green and lovely and lush and all the people are just delightful. I love listening to them speak because it’s like a song when they talk. I love the Welsh. 


Any advice for fans who may be visiting Wales for the first time? 

They should go into any local pub and talk to the wonderful, friendly people in there and have some of the local fare because everything that’s on offer will just be exquisite. 


Do you know any Welsh…? 

I’m going teach my fellow WWE Superstars how to say good night, which is ‘Nos Da’. It’s a great thing to say before you punch somebody and knock them out. Some of them might have to be told they are a bad boy, which is ‘Bachgen Drewg’. 


Where are your favourite places you have visited with WWE? Where else would you love to visit as a WWE Superstar?

I want to go to India. I’ve heard it’s very, very beautiful and I’ve heard that people are wonderful and so friendly. I see so many of the Indian fans on social. I think I’m long overdue for a visit to go and see them. I can’t wait to go to Mexico also to see some of the ancient ruins. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The entirety of Japan is incredible, but I would say a special shout out to Osaka. Germany is awesome. I love France. I love Spain. I just love everywhere. 


Logan Paul is making waves having joined as a full-time WWE Superstar. Is there a celebrity you think could make a great WWE Superstar, and potentially a friend or foe for Doudrop?

Karen Gillan, the incredible red-haired actress that was in Guardians of the Galaxy. She would be an awesome WWE Superstar. She has plenty of chutzpah and she’s already had lots of training from being in superhero movies, so she knows how to rough and tumble. She would make a great faction with me and Nikki A.S.H!

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