WWE Most Unforgettable Celebrity Moments

This Saturday’s Crown Jewel, the next Premium Live Event from WWE, will see the king of the internet and relative newcomer to the WWE ring, Logan Paul, fight the Head of the Table and long-standing WWE champion, Roman Reigns.

When celebrities enter the world of WWE, fans can always expect high octane drama and first-class entertainment, with shocking plot twists and turns along the way. Here’s some of WWE’s best, most outrageous celebrity moments to date.


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello face off against the Miz (2014)

Hosting Monday Night Raw, Schwarzenegger and Manganiello joined Hulk Hogan on stage, to try and convince Hogan to induct them into his tag team for The Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Before they could finish, they were interrupted by the Miz, who proceeded to face off against the three in the ring, asserting his authority and attempting to send them home.

It was clear The Miz had bitten off more than he could chew, when he was shoved by Manganiello, punched by Schwarzenegger and sent soaring out of the ring by Hogan.


Jon Stewart costs John Cena the WWE World Heavyweight Title and United States Champion (2015)

‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart shocked the WWE world at the Summerslam title match in 2015 when he made a guest appearance towards the end of the Rollins vs. Cena title match. Stewart incapacitated Cena using a metal chair, which resulted in Rollins becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Title and United States Champion, all because Stewart wanted to protect Ric Flair’s WWE Championship record. This not only caused a huge uproar in the crowd, but Cena had something to say about it following the fight, and finished his argument with Stewart by unleashing his signature AA finisher move.


Keeping up with the Superstars – Kim Kardashian hosts Wrestlemania (2008)

Throwing it back to 2008, Kim Kardashian made her appearance at Wrestlemania 24 as the host, introducing the Money in the Bank ladder match. However, it was not smooth sailing for Kim, as WWE Superstar Mr Kennedy interrupted her mid-presenting, proclaiming that he would be victorious in his upcoming match.


Bad Bunny’s performance turns sour at Royal Rumble (2021)

Bad Bunny landed on the WWE scene when he performed his track ‘Booker T’ at Royal Rumble, but this was no ordinary performance. The Miz tag team made attempts to recruit Bad Bunny, but instead of gaining a new teammate, the tag team found themselves being taken down by Bad Bunny’s now-signature move the ‘Splash’, which kick-started yet another WWE rivalry.


Johnny Knoxville defeats Sami Zayn at Wrestlemania (2022)

After being eliminated by Zayn in Royal Rumble earlier this year, Knoxville was looking for revenge. Zayn was determined to defeat Knoxville in their Anything Goes Match in April, but little did he know what Knoxville had up his sleeve. Zayn initially had the upper hand in the match, after taking Knoxville down with a tray, a crutch and a bin. However, Knoxville fought back – and with a little help from his co-star ‘Weeman’, a bowling ball, and a mousetrap, the Jackass star came out on top.

Logan Paul will face Roman Reigns at WWE’s Crown Jewel on 5th November 2022 from 5pm GMT. Tune in on the WWE Network.

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