Winchester School of Art Presents Future Feast

Winchester School of Art presents one of their most anticipated events of the year. Future Feast is an innovative event platform showcasing graduate talent from the Fashion Marketing and Fashion & Textile Design programmes at the leading Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton.

As graduates, concentrating on employability after graduation is a primary concern and pressure. With this industry-focused event and fashion show, Future Feast sets these two programmes apart from other graduate exhibitions as it focuses on employability.

With the Feast, talent is positioned straight into the hands of industry professionals, looking for new emerging fashion and textile design and marketing expertise. One designer to grace the exhibit and participate in this year’s event is Michael Van Der Ham.

The Fashion & Textile Programme at Winchester School of Art and Fashion Marketing Programme at Russell Group University offers some of the best courses in the UK. With highly experienced staff and programmes that produce highly creative and intellectual individuals, these programmes prepare students for challenging roles in the industry.

Winchester School Of Art is a place filled with creativity and passion. The Fashion Marketing course produces confident individuals, each gaining excellent research skills and a strong understanding of industry. Lead by a team of inspirational lecturers and course leaders, whom, with doors that are always open, have an understanding of each student. This level of effort in understanding their students is what makes the course an exceptional experience to be a part of.

- Emily Perriss, Fashion Marketing Student- Future Feast Participant

Future Feast takes place on Monday 23rd May 2016

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Jasmine Broughton_1

Future Feast Participant – Jasmine Broughton: Womenswear

Design Credit - Yang Phobe Wang: Knitwear

Future Feast Participant- Yang Phobe Wang: Knitwear

Design Credit - Shangqian Christine Xu: Menswear

Future Feast Participant – Shangqian Christine Xu: Menswear


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