WILD NIGHT IN, with Morgan Lynzi

WILD NIGHT IN, the “Intimate TED meets Coachella.” This tagline might not have been coined by the host and creator Morgan Lynzi, but it is a sentiment she agrees with. We were fortunate enough to catch up with Lynzi and discuss her days with Verge, and what has kept her busy as of late.

Paul: How did your early beginnings and your position at Verge help prepare you for the position you are in today, both creatively and commercially?

Morgan: I think all of my internships in the industry from radio to TV  helped to shape the vision of what I wanted to create and contribute to the space for my generation. Working with Verge really challenged me to be able to “do it all” as I was working remotely in the US. Hosting a national TV show alongside one of the most familiar faces (Nick Cannon) in the US when it comes to hosting was really special as well. I think everything I’ve been a part of up till this point has helped to clarify the vision of what I wanted to say, how I wanted to say it and on what platform.

Are you originally from LA, or is this just another case of “nobody is actually from LA.”

I am LA born and raised, though no one expects that when I tell them.

Can you talk a little about your podcast? I love the name, “well damn.”

My podcast was created as a platform to empower the Next Gen from the inside out. So much of the lifestyle and media content out there is showing our generation how to improve themselves superficially when the conversations I was having with my close friends and Gen Z were all about how can they create a life they love authentically. One where they feel empowered, have a healthy headspace and feel capable of creating a future that resonates with them.

There’s more of an artists touch to Wild Night In, what made you want to host this event?


WILD NIGHT IN was born out of my love for the world I was already working in, entertainment, and my more private affection for wellness and empowerment. I’ve always been a champion of new music and supporting new artists so it just made sense to combine my passions into one event.

What was it like collaborating with urban outfitters/using the 15twenty space?

Bringing the event to spaces like Urban Outfitters Space 15 Twenty and Ace Hotel is really special. Both those brands individually are so familiar to my gen and trusted to deliver a very specific vibe and experience. They are always at the forefront of culture and  I’m grateful that both have held space to support the vision.
Wild Night In feels like a genuinely different type of experience but
musically and socially can you describe your approach to its conception?
It’s been described as an “Intimate TED meets Coachella” and I could not agree more. Each event is set up to be a platform to provide new ideas, new music, and new experiences. It’s really a beautiful gathering of creative young adults who are interested in a night out that goes deeper than your average. Attendees come because they want to have a great time out, be around inspiring people, drink and also feel like they’ve connected in a real way… and really all those things rarely exist in one event. WILD NIGHT IN is a place where having a really fun night out is not in opposition to being moved and inspired.
Can you describe what it was like working with the artists that performed?
A dream. It’s really rewarding to be able to hand curate and amplify the voices that are a part of the event in an unconventional way.

“In convo with Alexandra Roxo/experience with we’re not really
strangers” can you go into detail with how performers like these
differ from the norm?

Alexandra Roxo and Koreen of We’re Not Really Strangers fit into the “New Ideas” category of the evening and really spark conversations that are important to millennials and Gen Z around vulnerability, feminism, empowerment, and activism in a relatable way.

After a pretty huge success like Wild Nights in, what is next for
Morgan Lynzi?

The next level, expansion, collaboration. I’m just as excited and curious to see how it all unfolds.
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