Where to go now: West London Shooting School

Verge was treated to a day of shooting, not shooting glamour shots. I mean gun-holding-shooting, I had all sorts of emotions going through me, and was mainly nervous at the thought of holding a gun but excited as its something I have never done before!

West London Shooting School (WLSS) is the UK’s oldest independent shooting school. Offering Expert tuition and gun-fitting for over a century. As well as expert instructors on hand, the school is surrounded by beautiful open landscapes and only 12miles from London’s West End. The grounds are laid out with over a hundred types of traps and stands to ensure every possible variation of game shooting – from beginners to experts.

We were welcomed to the main building which was covered in the history and culture of shooting, a tradition that’s been passed down through generations. After our breakfast greet, we were briefed, and checked for the right garments (mainly footwear),  free to rent gear from their shop – The West London Gun Room.

The groups then set off to the first shooting course, ours was the long-range shooting course. Instructors were there to guide us, and show us the rifles. I won’t go into too much depth, but it was a loud rush of adrenaline once you finally pull that trigger.

Once the trial was done we then moved onto moving targets – clay shooting with shotguns. This was one of my favourites, as you’ve got to not only aim for moving target but shoot it twice as it splits! but with experts instructors by your side, what I thought was impossible, was possible!

The West London Shooting School is not just open for students, but can also be booked for corporate or general group events that are up for  trying something different. We’ve been told it was even hired out for a Christening event!

If you do decide that you would like to make clay pigeon shooting your thing, then you can get Airsoft Guns from the UK’s largest retailer.

Special thanks to Tim Woodward, Chief Executive of the The Country Food Trustfor joining us and giving us an insight into their incredible charity work. The Country Food Trust is a charity that produces delicious meals and donates to people in need, including microwaveable products that can be stored up to a year without chilling! We were treated with delicious snacks and lunch by Chef Tim Maddams, which was nothing short of a delight! From the amazing entrees to the fascinating ingredients put together, it was to die for (I was especially loved his twist on rhubarb dessert).

Check out more info on how to book your adventurous shooting day by visiting West London Shooting School’s website and socials below:


West London School Instagram

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