Where To Go Now: The Perception at W London

As the weather turns cooler and the darker evenings creep in, The Perception at W London unveils its show-stopping new winter cocktail menu jam-packed with bold flavour combinations, vibrant colours and unexpected garnishes; the perfect excuse for Londoners to escape the cold and sink into the warmth of Soho’s most glamorous hotel bar.

Signature serves include the ‘Matcha Made in Heaven’loaded with antioxidant properties, served in an eye-catching bird shaped glass, ‘Club Mexicana’packing a punch with Patrón Silver Tequila, coriander, lime juice and a spicy jalapeño to finish, the lip-smacking ‘The Bee’s Knees’made with Bombay Sapphire gin, golden honey, rhubarb and lemon juice served with a playful honey dipper and the indulgent champagne cocktail, ‘Love Bubbles’,mixed with fresh apple juice, pear purée, manzana verde, elderflower and lime foam.

The new menu will feature 24 cocktail variations, including a collection of low ABV options such as the ‘Tropical Rumbull’, ‘Roku Spritz’ and refreshing ‘Pedrino Tonic Spritz’trio, made with either vermouth, sherry or ruby and tonic. Alcohol-free bar-raising options for the party season include the ‘Seedlip Sour’and ‘Aloe Aloe.

The ultimate social spot in Soho, The Perception’s new winter cocktail menu packs a festive punch and will set the beat for seasonal celebrations with its explosive new collection.


The Bee’s Knees



Method: The cocktail is built in a cocktail shaker. We add 35ml of star of Bombay gin, 15ml ginger liqueur, 25ml of rhubarb pure, 15ml of fresh lemon juice and a bar spoon of honey. Shaken over ice. Served in curved short tumbler over ice and garnished with a honey spoon.