Here at Verge we’re often spoiled with incredible trips in the most magnificent places and, of course, accompanied by the best people. Ford topped our list with an exclusive trip to Nice to test out their brand new beast of a vehicle the All-New Ford Focus Active.

There’s nothing better than a beautiful view and a smooth ride and we can definitely confirm that on this trip we achieved both. For all you car enthusiasts out there, here’s some crucial information on this brand new jaw dropper and what it can do on the road!

This car was a pleasure to drive throughout this trip! The New Ford Focus Active emphasises on control and ease and with amazing features such as extended wheel arches, there’s finally an opportunity for serine driving. Ford have maximised on stability with this brand new model, enabling every driver to feel assured despite what the journey throws their way. But it’s not all about the outside, as we all know that most of the time it’s what’s on the inside that counts. If you’re a fan of bold colours and an attitude that matches The All New Ford Focus Active has something special for you. There’s a range of 9 colours including their standard Race Red to their slightly simpler Diffused Silver, there’s an exterior to match every mood. Ford have thought of it all, with a sleek SUV inspired design that effortlessly oozes class and power. An impressive selection of drive modes are available, making sure that each ride feels like a brand new experience- drive modes include steering options as well as gear change observations as well as terrain options like slippery, comfort and trail.

Now, lets focus (pun intended) on the two days of thrills and feels that Ford put together for us and believe us there were tons of brand new memories made on this trip! One of our first activities included a scavenger hunt, but not your typical fun with the family scavenger hunt. All of our abilites were put to the test as we headed east to the coast for some super adventerous kayaking, which was a challenge to say the least! After a fun day of piecing together clues around the coast and testing our brains to it’s full extent, we ended an epic first day with a personalised pre-dinner cocktail in the scent garden at Le Mas de Pierre. We had heaps of fun and socialised with full stomachs whilst also learning so much about the design process with some of Ford’s talented designers.

Whilst our first day included breathtaking views of Monaco and an abseiling first (which we cried on the inside throughout), we headed into another day full of fun packed clues and once in a lifetime activities. Mountain electric mountain biking on a weekday anyone? Or what about practising some good ‘ole archery before lunch? We must admit, this was far from the usual for us but we were happy to take part nonetheless! After channeling our inner Tom Cruise and putting our skills to work, we ended our bucket list trip with a phenomenal woodland lunch followed by a calming flight back to our regular lives (getting on the tube has never been more sad).

This trip was definitely one to shout home about and we were so happy to tag along for the ride! The All-New Ford Focus Active is a car that’s built for thrills and memories, and completely challenges the norms of getting from A-B. If you want to enjoy driving and in need of sparking up the inner adventurer within you, get in the drivers seat and let the fun begin.

For more information go to www.ford.co.uk