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It’s officially that time of year where the cravings for fun in the sun are too strong to ignore. If you’re like us, you’re one of those people that always has the booking.com app open and are up late on google maps looking for your next holiday destination. Well, we’re pleased to say that we’ve done the hard research for you and took a spontaneous and eventful trip to Milan, and we think your summer will not be complete until you do the same. Thanks our wonderful friends at Booking.com and AC Milan, we enjoyed a wonderful stay at a picturesque hotel and got to experience the ultimate football fan’s dream – a game at the San Siro.

From the delicious coffee to the fresh Lake Como breeze, Milan is a destination that suits every taste and vibe, so we just had to put together a list of our greatest Milano moments to make your visit that much sweeter.

First of all, let’s get straight to the most important part of our stay; the accommodation. When searching on Booking.com it’s easy to get overwhelmed from the quality and quantity of wonderful homes and hotels. Luckily for us, we scored big time with a 2 night stay at Milano Verticale. If you’re into fully equipped, stylish and modern hotels with a splash of calming greenery and delicious snacks then look no further than this 4-star dreamy hotel. The hotel staff were extremely helpful and warm throughout our stay and we were spoiled with beautiful views of the gardens and comfy beds, which made actually getting out and exploring slightly tricky!

Once we were all settled in, the next thing we had to do was to get some good food in our bellies. Obviously, Italy is a pretty good place to eat your way around, and Milan has tons of tastes and smells that lure millions of tourists to its streets every year. From fresh pasta, delicious wine and irresistible desserts (like endless gelato), Milan should be crowned food capital of the world. We know, that’s a very bold statement, but after eating as much as we did, we have the proof to back it up. Two wonderful restaurants that made our trip complete are Sciatt à Porter for classic North Italian dishes with great evening city vibes and Hamerica’s Camperio for a magnificent Italian take on American burgers.

After we ate our weekly carb allowance in 2 hours, it was time to get moving and explore. Thanks to AC Milan, we were invited to watch them play against Sampordia at the San Siro. The stadium is really a spectacle, and the iconic building is really a must-see. We were lucky to be treated to club hospitality, which offered delicious food and drinks plus a stunning view of the pitch. The atmosphere was alive and hearing the Ultra’s chants consistently through the entire game was unlike any game you would experience in the UK.

The next day we ventured outside Milan as the travel itch took us to Lake Como. We hopped on a train for an hour and watched the landscape completely transform into something only Pixar could do justice. We then took a ferry across from Como to the picturesque Torno, but you can venture further up towards the busier Bellagio and beyond if you want to take in more sites such as George Clooney’s house and Villa La Gaeta. We decided to take the chilled route and had a lovely long lunch in Bar Italia feasting on pizza, lasagna, salad and plenty of wine!

Visiting Lake Como is a life essential, we promise that every lake afterwards will seem like child’s play compared to the cinematic views Como has to offer.

Before we left, we also dodged some pigeons whilst visiting Duomo and did some window shopping at the world-famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. However, ff looking at €1,000 bags isn’t your style, there is still plenty to do.

You can’t go wrong with a quick Italy getaway and each visit really just gives more thing to love. There are so many things to do in and around Milan that it’s hard to do it justice in just one article. Be sure to venture around some of the city’s top coffee shops like Milano Roastery, Nowhere Coffee and Loste Café for some of the finest sips in the world. The most important aspect of any Italian trip is to lose yourself in the culture, the architecture and the romance of each wonderful city. We hope you take our advice and book that last minute trip to Milano, thank us later!

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