Ah, the Christmas period is actually over. No more red Starbucks cups, no more friendly festive party-goers on the tube and no more excuses to ignore your emails with the out of office response. Regardless of whether you were with family or friends this Christmas, we have the best suggestion for you to book for Christmas 2020; Disneyland Paris.

We had the pleasure of heading down to one of the most magical places on earth this festive season, and we also stayed in the cutest French apartment in Serris all thanks to Booking.com! There are always plenty of homey and wonderful properties to choose from with Booking.com and we had the perfect spot to help us wind down from the surge of excitement Disneyland will cause.

We stayed with Appartland in the Sunlay apartment in Serris, which is just 15-minute walk to Disneyland and an hour away from the centre of Paris. There was an abundance of space and we stayed in nothing but style; with a fully-equipt kitchen and two spacious bedrooms suitable for both family and friend trips, we had to admit that we were completely spoiled. The utilities in this apartment made it easy to travel in a larger group, with a washing machine and large bathroom/shower with a separate toilet, there was no need for the expected Christmas rows. We enjoyed coffee and amazing views of traditional French architecture on the apartment’s balcony every morning, and we may have spent a bit too much time in the gigantic Val d’Eurpoe shopping centre that’s just 5 minutes away.

Whenever we fancied a change of scenery from Disney Life (which wasn’t as often as we thought) we headed down to SeaLife which is actually within the shopping centre- so for hours of fish-themed fun, we recommend giving it a go! When we weren’t stuffing our faces with Disney doughnuts and crepes, there were a ton of brilliant French Brasseries and Steak Houses to choose from just two minutes away from our apartment. There was a handy bus/shuttle stop just across the street from our luxury pad that took us straight into all of the Disney magic every 15 minutes, and there were also tons of Ubers around just in case you didn’t fancy waiting in the cold.

After we watched all the Disney parades, took tons of snaps of the iconic Disneyland Paris castle and blushed over Main Street meeting Cinderella for the first time, it was great to come back to a home that is quiet, calm and comforting. Thanks to Booking.com we were able to find a great hub for us to relax with some snacks and plan the next Disney adventure. Now, even though Disneyland is a place where dreams come true, we have to admit that we did our fair share of queueing and walking- so after hitting your 10k step limit, it was such a relief to head back to a home with an operating lift to lug all of our Disney toy and clothing purchases (which we had a hard time fitting into our luggage…).

Heading down to Disneyland on Christmas is one of the most exciting things to do, especially if you’re travelling with younger family members – they have a ton of thrilling experiences for all ages, including Fantasyland where you can occasionally see Princess Ariel or Princess Aurora floating around, to Walt Disney Studios where all the Pixar and Marvel wonders are just waiting to unfold in front of you! We had a great time using our fast-track passes on every ride imaginable, especially the Ratatouille ride that literally threw us inside each scene of the movie with the help of amazing 3D graphics!

We really loved our time at Disneyland Paris and we adored our stay at with Booking.com in our  Sunlay apartment and if you’re planning a trip down to Disneyland any time soon we recommend checking it out as it’s perfect for family fun!

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