Where To Go Now: Candy Cane House With Booking.com

What is Christmas time without the sneaky treat every now and then? Well, what about all your wildest sweet-tooth dreams coming true right in the centre of Soho? No, we’re not kidding.

If you’ve been around London lately, you may have heard rumours of a fantastic candy cane themed house filled entirely with edible clocks, cutlery and more- we’re here to tell you that what you heard was most definitely true and we lived it. Thanks to Booking.com, we had an amazing opportunity to spend a night in one of London’s tastiest pop-up hotels ever; The Candy Cane House.

What is a Candy Cane House you say? Imagine a house that could belong in a Dr Suess book; with a Ginger-Breadroom where the bed was quite literally a gingerbread house, and a Candy Lounge filled with lollipop walls and cupcake centrepieces. Oh, we almost forgot about a Coco Kitchen featuring cheese boards and graters crafted entirely from chocolate. We know… it was almost impossible for us to leave the next morning.

With this delicious townhouse revamp that was just minutes away from the beating heart of Soho only being open to the public for two days, you could say it was a once in a lifetime stay. Even with Booking.com’s 6.2 million other priceless views, homes and destinations, we think this could be our favourite so far, regardless of the dentist visits that will surely follow! The attention to detail in this Candy Cane wonderland was beyond belief- from the Sugar Cube-icle themed bathroom to the chocolate-dripped walls and caramel style flooring, it was just like staying in our wildest childhood dreams!

Not only was it a ton of fun but it was also one of our most comfortable stays as we had 24-hour security and help whenever needed. Also, we had a lot of amusement in grabbing pix and mix sweets from baubles on the wall and searching each and every Christmas tree for chocolate ornaments! But fear not, not only was it a stay to remember but Booking.com also ensured that Candy Cane House only used biodegradable snow and eco-friendly glitter based products to let us sleep with that little bit of extra ease. That’s not all, all the leftover household items were donated to Barnado’s after the two-day extravaganza was over, ensuring a Merry Christmas all around!

We had a fantastic stay at this tongue-tingling, mouth-watering location and we cannot wait to see how Booking.com top this next year! Be sure to keep an eye out for all the phenomenal experiences waiting for you by checking out Booking.com’s latest stays on their official site below, and checking out their socials for more exclusives!

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