Where to go now: BASSAL’S IN BOXPARK

For most of us, it’s almost as if summer goes hand in hand with sizzling open-air BBQ’s and enjoying a juicy burger with your mates. But since this year has turned all of our plans upside down, we may as well start opening up to doing things slightly different to add some perk to our new normal! Who says that our summer feasts have to include meat? We’re pretty sure you’ve noticed the amazing array of meat and dairy alternatives that have been made available to us everywhere, so why not give them a go?

Even though many of us are used to a cheeky vegan or veggie burger every now and then, and many more of us are making the huge change to switch over permanently, there is still a huge chunk of us that need convincing. Bassal’s at BOXPARK Croydon are making it their mission to ensure a delicious and fulfilling feeling in every meat-free bite, so of course, we had to check it out for ourselves! To put it completely to the test of satisfaction, we brought along our top carnivore writers to see if they could enjoy a meal that did not contain one ounce of meat in it… and the mission was successful!

We were lucky enough to sit down to a feast of completely delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes and there were no cravings for a cheeky McDonalds in sight, which we admit is very rare for us! Bassal’s are committed to taking the stereotypes from vegan and vegetarian foods whilst adding their own spicy and flavorsome flair to each meal, satisfying both the curious and the pros!

Their menu has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a new adventure or a tingling spin on a classic fave, we can give the stamp of approval that Bassal’s has everything you’d be craving, just way better for you… could there be anything better?!

By specializing in vegetarian and vegan dishes from across the globe, Bassal’s will leave you spoilt for choice, and as their pop up unit is only available until 5th October, we recommend that you get the gang together for a healthy and delicious catch up immediately! With a unique Bassal’s take on some cultural favourites such as falafel, stuffed peppers, and halloumi you’ll end up wanting to give everything on the menu a try!

We suggest you start soaking up the last of the summer sun and vibes with one of Bassal’s falafel burgers in one hand and a cold pint in the other. Grab a veggie or vegan bite with friends and family at Unit 27 in Boxpark Croydon before the 5th October and thank us later!




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