What’s on? So You Think This Is Funny

We all have had issues with mental health. We have all looked at someone on Instagram and wanted their body or just simply their life in general. The way we cope with these issues is usually to look back and laugh – that is what this night is all about.

Smoke radio is hosting a themed comedy night ‘So You Think This Is Funny‘ around issues starting with body image and mental health. Debuting at 8 p.m. November 7th at Top Secret Comedy Club, with the likes of Eddie Fortune and Nico Yearwood (Host) to name a few (see below for full list and descriptions).

The comedians have been hand picked because of their comedic style and approach. Whether it is audience participation or straight stand up comedy, there is something for everyone. Lets laugh together at our insecurities!

Talking about issues ranging from mental health to race is so important! By hosting the live comedy nights at Top Secret Comedy Club in central London, we hope to reach a broad range of individuals from all backgrounds.

Sophie Beasor, Show Manager

Inline image 1Nico Yearwood – Host

Originally from the tropical island of Barbados, Nico has been setting the London comedy circuit alight with his unique blend of Caribbean flavoured comedy. Whether he is delivering hilarious stories about growing up in Barbados or his new life in London, his laid back style and charm immediately win audiences over and leave them wanting more. He is always a crowd favourite, especially with the ladies.

“Instinctive likeability and an appealing spark in his natural performance, compering work shouldn’t prove in short supply.” – Steve Bennett, Chortle

Inline image 3Sean Seller 

Sean Sellers shares his name with far more people than he thinks he should, including an infamous Satanist–turned–Christian double–murderer and the progressive Christian Rock band named after him.

A natural comedian and storyteller, his comedy is clever, playful, and packed full of punch lines.

Inline image 4Danny Deegan 

Danny’s tales of mischief and the characters he creates have kept audiences all over the country enthralled as he weaves in and out of the people he has met traveling. His talent and likability coupled with his confidence make him one of the most popular acts in the North, a master at dealing with a tough crowd, and an act that promoters always turn to when booking gigs.

Inline image 5Eddie Fortune 

Eddie Fortune is a Liverpool based comic described as a comedic Tornado, talking about the woes of dating, work life and the need to stay in shape, he occasionally mistakes himself as a Julia Roberts from pretty woman. His act can be a gag a second or an existential monologue, poem or song. Displaying a contradictory self deprecating confidence, and heckling the audience with beautiful compliments, Eddie is also a Theatre Producer for Crumbs Theatre, Liverpool.

Inline image 6Stephanie Laing 

Goofy and peculiar, Stephanie Laing’s comedy is partway between the needy oddness of Maria Bamford and the upbeat affability of Josie Long. Her material is a mix of silliness, filth and unusual observations, underpinned by a disarming honesty which makes her seem charmingly vulnerable.

Inline image 7Adam Beardsmore 

Adam Beardsmore is a newcomer from the West Midlands giving a disgruntled view of his life and answering the questions no one asked.

“Adam is one of the best new faces on the comedy circuit, he’s confident, fresh and very funny.” – Glen Blue Giraffe Comedy Club “One of the funniest new acts I’ve seen in a long time.” – Kyle Wallace G&B Comedy

Inline image 8Benji Waterstones 

Benji is a northern psychiatrist now struggling to keep his own sanity living in London. ‘

Original writing and a distinctive worldview’ – Steve Bennett, Chortle

Being diagnosed with a mental illness such as psychosis or being in an abusive relationship is something I have experienced first hand. I have personally use comedy as a coping mechanism with these issues; I can relate and understand where the comedians are coming from and i think this is brilliant. It is great opportunity to get to work with the likes of Stephanie Laing whose set deals with anxiety

Charlie Alexander Beaumont, Head of PR

Other shows that will come bi-monthly (every two months) at Top Secret Comedy Club will include topics such as race, LGBT+, sex and relationships.