What’s On: Google’s Nest Sessions

Launching this May bank holiday weekend (23rd – 25th), Google will be hosting Nest Sessions with Laura Whitmore – a mood-lifting music experience inspired by psychology – featuring Jessie Ware, Olly Alexander, Celeste, Mae Muller and Sam Tompkins. Google’s Nest Sessions have been scheduled to fit the changes in your mood over the course of the day, in line with findings from a new psychological study* on the impact of music and mood in the home with supporting insights from consumer research**.

Google Nest, which creates smart speakers and has become an essential component of how people listen to music in the home, has partnered with cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Diana Omigie from Goldsmiths University to undertake the new study. Commissioned during this unique extended period at home when it can be difficult to break up the day, the study looks at how music is used over the course of a day, specifically to support transitions between mood states and activities. The study shows that people’s use of music to change their mood peaks between 2pm and 5pm on weekends. To harmonise with this, UK music artists will set the mood with music performances from their homes during that time over the bank holiday weekend. 64% of Brits also said 2pm – 5pm was the time they most needed a mood changer on any day of the week.

The study found that music is systematically associated with better mood. Music was being used to create the right atmosphere in 60% of listening episodes taking place on weekend evenings. In direct correlation with this, the consumer survey found that music’s most important role in a person’s daily routine was to create the right atmosphere and backdrop.

69% of Brits say they are relying on music to help them transition through their daily moods. Pop music is the nation’s favourite mood changing genre, with (75%) of Brits looking to Pop music to help them change mood come morning, afternoon or evening. Rock came second followed by classical music. Pop hits including a stripped back performance of Olly’s well-known synthpop track ‘Sanctify’ and Jessie’s latest single ‘Save a Kiss’ are just a few of the performances that can be heard over the weekend.

The study shows that in 25% of episodes in which people were asked, they had chosen to listen to music during tasks such as cooking and exercise almost 80% of the time. As part of the schedule, Jessie Ware will be cooking up a storm, sharing one of her favourite recipes for you to cook along to. Surprisingly, Cooking (40%) came top as the main way Brits get themselves into or out of a mood at home, overtaking music. In relation, Google Trends show searches for recipes hit at all time high in April of this year with popular recipes for baked goods such as Sourdough rising sharply from the start of March.


The top 10 ways people transition in or out of moods at home include:


1 Cooking or baking 40%
2 Playing favourite songs 33%
3 Watching TV (exercises, movies etc.) 26%
4 Playing with a pet 24%
5 Having a conversation with a friend of family member 18%
6 Playing video games 15%
7 Having a treat 14%
8 Putting the kettle on 13%
9 Reading a book or magazine 13%
10 Exercising, meditating or doing yoga 13%


Three mood states – energise, inspire and chill – which are prevalent throughout Nest Sessions have been identified by Dr Diana Omigie as reflective of the most common transitions people make in a day, which are naturally work, play and rest. Brits said they are more moody during the week with almost half of respondents (47%) saying they have up to three significant mood shifts in the week vs just one on the weekend. Over three quarters (77%) said weekdays were when they changed moods more frequently.

Google’s Nest Sessions are designed to help you set the mood with music and change gear throughout each of the three days of the bank holiday. To get started, just say ‘Hey Google, talk to Nest Sessions’ and your Google Nest smart speaker or display device will help you set the mood, by tuning you into music performances, talks and home activities. You can also tune into Nest Sessions here on the YouTube Spotlight UK Channel #withnest playlist and keep an eye out for curated mood playlists by all artists over the weekend.

Google Nest smart speakers and displays give you a helpful connected home assistant that can set the mood from any room. Whether you’re cooking dinner, folding laundry or just playing music, you can control the sound with just your voice.

Google Nest Mini and other Nest devices are available from the Google Store here or at Currys PC World, John Lewis, Argos and Tesco. #NestSessions


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