What Will Our Future Jobs Look Like?

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For years people have spoken of the future with robots running the world. The truth is that this future is already happening to some extent. With technology already running many aspects of daily life from cell phones to grocery shopping, it is not a far jump to imagine what the future will hold. These changes will affect all areas of life. And yes, this includes jobs.

The jobs of tomorrow will look dramatically different than the jobs of today thanks to rapid advancements in technology. Shoppers at grocery stores now have self-checkout options or scanners that do not even require a person running a checkout line. Fast food restaurants have kiosks that eliminate the need to place an order verbally. Even doctors have computers that help them to perform surgeries.

So, what will future jobs look like if these advances are already taking place? Here is an idea of what the next job market will look like and how machines will play their part.

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Digital Assistants

Digital assistants are an aspect of the workforce that are already changing. With more people working from home via computers or video conferencing, the changes will continue. Today digital assistants perform tasks ranging from simple data entry to running complete virtual offices and being in charge of hundreds of people from their computer screen.

In the future, this assistant will be a computer that can learn your likes and the likes of those you buy for or work for. These AI assistants will be able to do precise shopping based on your tastes, make lists and compile choices for you to choose from with a simple connection to a headset. This will change the need for human interaction for a growing society of introverts, and leave extra time for this interaction for those who still desire human companionship.


Data Maintenance

The future will see a decrease in office workers and an increase in technology maintenance crews. While the daily tasks of the office will be done through headsets or handled by computers alone, someone will need to ensure these systems run smoothly. This job will fall to the data maintenance teams that will consist of what today’s society calls IT guys. Those who make sure the office computer is set up and running correctly will be the ones in the future, maintaining the data that runs through all office systems.


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Musicians and Artists

Musicians and artists will be part of the select few jobs that will not be ousted by technology. Though their trades will be enhanced as advancements are made in virtual instruments and painting easels, the work itself will still be performed by the artist himself. This fact will be attributed to the stimulation and mood-lifting abilities that live music and visual arts have on the brain. Why? Because attending live music concerts lift the mood in a way that artificial intelligence cannot replicate. So while these jobs will change, they will stay in the hands of the performers.



Writers, like other artists, will remain in control of their profession — but with a few changes. These changes will come in the form of enhancements to their writing abilities with new devices coming into play that will eliminate the need for keyboards, writing pads, and even spell checkers. Writers will find advancements in voice to text technology that will alleviate the need for anything other than their thoughts and creative minds.



Teachers, too, will find their jobs changed in the future. There will always be a need for someone who can teach people what they do not know. While computers will take over the task and headsets will allow access to instant information, the fact remains that some learn better with personal interaction. While virtual reality training is becoming commonplace, someone will have to teach the use of these devices and future advances in them as well.


AR World Builders

A new position that is already getting its start now is that of augmented reality world builders. While these experts are currently creating virtual reality worlds for games and modern training techniques, the future will find them creating worlds for people to pass their time in. After all, with their jobs going to computers and more free time at hand, people will need to do something.


Technology Finds a Home

With all of the advancements taking place daily in the world of technology, it is inevitable that computers play a more significant role in the future of jobs. Some will be enhanced by this technology, some will be replaced, and new jobs will be created. The part each person plays in these changes will be up to the individual and the path they choose.


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