What went down at the Grammys; 2015 edition

Last night was another one of the biggest nights in music: the 2015 Grammy’s. As always there was amazing fashion, beautiful music, and as always, ridiculous attitudes. It was a night that did not disappoint the crowds and we are going to recap all of the nights biggest moments.

Let’s start with fashion. There were definitely some very interesting and unique outfits and hairstyles present on the red carpet at last night’s Grammys. Topping the best dressed list of the night included Beyoncé (of course), Gwen Stefani, and Jessie J. All three talented women donned semi-sheer black outfits; Gwen opted for a capri jumpsuit, while Beyoncé and Jessie J went for more ‘traditional’ gowns. Unfortunately, not everyone received the memo about the best ways to dress for the notorious awards. Atop the worst dressed lists have been Iggy Izalea and Rihanna. Beginning with the Australian beauty, Iggy was unable to impress in her blue Armani Prive gown, but it was not really the dresses fault. The trouble came with the interesting hair choice she chose to make. The funky braid was a bold choice, but wound up looking like a bird’s nest sitting on top of the “Fancy” singer’s head. Moving to Rihanna, the always daring fashion diva turned up to the Red Carpet wearing an enormous, bright pink Giambattista Valli gown. What was an attempt at a fashion statement just caused fans to ask what the Caribbean star was trying to smuggle into the show.

Iggy RiRi

Once all the stars were inside the arena, it was time for the show to begin. There were several standout performances of the night from several amazing artists, including Madonna, Katy Perry, and a trio of fan favorites Rihanna, Kanye West, and Sir Paul McCartney. Madonna truly committed to the theme of her newest single, “Living for Love”, dressing in a full matador costume and dancing on stage will several horned dancers. In true Madge fashion, it was outrageous, over the top, and impressive. The next feat of phenomenal performance came from Katy Perry. She dropped jaws by turning her anthem “By the Grace of God” into a powerful anti-domestic violence campaign. The introduction to her performance featured a short video from President Barak Obama, urging violence against women and girls” so society can “change our culture for the better.” For the most part, fans were moved by Perry’s performance; what they were not happy with was known domestic violence offender, Chris Brown, sitting front and center during the performance. Scandal! There was also a legendary performance from an interesting combination: Kanye, Rihanna, and Sir Paul McCartney. All three lived up to their reputations, pleasing the crowd and leaving us with something to talk about.


The final most outrageous moment of the night of course came from music’s favorite bad boy, Kanye West. Giving us all flashbacks to the 2009 VMA’s, Kanye began walking onstage during Jeff Beck’s acceptance speech for winning Album of the Year. Though West was able to refrain from actually taking the mic from Beck, the message was clear and it only became clearer later when Kanye released a statement saying Beck “should give his award back to Beyoncé.” Funny enough, the Queen of music did not seem to agree with West’s statement. A vine was released earlier today showing Beyoncé and her man Jay-Z’s reactions to Kanye’s actions; the “Drunk in Love” singer can be seen saying “No, Kanye no!” as the rapper rushed the stage. Looks like Kanye did not get the message.


The Grammys are always exciting and this year did not disappoint. There was crazy fashion, crazy performances, and crazy stage storming moments. All in all, 2015 was a great year for the Grammys.

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