What type of online games are people playing in 2020?

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Playing online games can lead to great mental focus; help with your eyesight and socialization skills according to the BBC. It doesn’t matter what titles you play—spending an hour playing your favourite games is good for you.

Games have different benefits, though, that explains why some of them are more popular than others. In this article, we’ll focus on popular game genres, examples of games to play and their benefits.


Real-Time Strategy Games (RTS)

RTS games are complex and often designed to overwhelm you with as many challenges as possible. You need to manage an economy, soldiers, weapons and produce. And then you have to keep up with an enemy that’s constantly enlarging.

It takes hours to complete a pretty complex RTS game. But that’s the beauty of these games. They are challenges but rewarding, complex but empowering. Of course, not everyone likes RTS games. But those who like these games rarely play any other genre.

Starcraft 2 is arguably the most played RTS game out there. It has over ten million fans and has a huge fan base in the eSports community. Other popular RTS titles are Warcraft 3, Rise of Nations and War hammer 40,000.


Sports Games

Sports simulation games have been around since the start of video games. And they never get outdated. That’s because they can easily be recreated with new players, updated graphics and enhanced mechanics.

Another benefit of the sports gaming genre is that there’s a game for nearly every sport, from football and hockey to basketball and cricket. That means every sports fan has a chance to play a video game they can relate to—which keeps the genre popular every year.

Unfortunately, sports games get updated after every season. And that means you must purchase a new edition if you want to simulate football, boxing or hockey with current players, stadiums and enhanced graphics.


Casino Games

The online casino industry is worth $70 billion according to research firm Statista. That makes it one of the biggest genres in the gaming sector. In the UK, online casinos generate over £5 billion in revenue, mainly thanks to slots, bingo, lotto and card games.

Like sports simulators, casino games are many and diverse. There are slots: classic, jackpots, video, 3D and VR games. On the flip side, you could choose blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat or bingo.

Many online casinos provide a large variety of all popular games. Vera John Casino, one of the best-rated gaming sites online, has 200+ slots and table games. You can play card games in a live setting. Or you could spin the reels of video slots and jackpots. Still, you could play video poker or scratch cards.


Action Games

Action games are like low-hanging fruit. Everyone feels tempted to pluck it. Due to that, many developers tend to incorporate action to their games even when the underlying theme could be strategy, shooter or racing.

There are many reasons why people love action games. But first, they are easy to play. All you need is to control your gaming pad or PC keyboard. Of course, the goal is to kill or defeat video game characters.

In some games—GTA—you also must complete driving missions, shooting and flying aeroplanes. To make gameplay interesting, many developers design difficulty levels. That way, the objective isn’t just to hit and impact an opponent with a single blow.

In this age of multiplayer gaming, action games are incredibly famous. People no longer focus on career modes entirely. Instead, they compete to finish one another or complete missions with friends and strangers online.


Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a relatively new video game genre. But it already boasts of a community of more than 100 million fans worldwide. Fortnite, for example, regularly attracts up to 80 million players in its annual World Cup tournament.

In contrast, Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) attracts up to $30 million in prize pools at major eSports competitions. For the uninitiated, these games are based on a model that drops 100 players onto an island through parachutes. And then they must kill one another until only one player remains standing.

Due to the genre’s young age, not everyone is convinced games like Fortnite and PUBG are here to stay. Indeed, both of these games have been recording declining revenues in the past year. But who says they can’t bounce back into popularity next year?


First-Person Shooter Games

First-person shooters are arguably the most popular kinds of video games online. They are available on mobile, console, browsers and PC. Pro-gamers love them. Casual players like FPS, kids adore these games. But some politicians and parents believe they are the devil incarnation.

All the same, FPS games are popular because they are simple, immersive and addictive. They challenge you to take the role of a lead character and complete missions until the game is over.

The best FPS games are so advanced in gameplay that you could take up to 100 hours to complete all missions. They are also challenging, and competitive, especially when you play multiplayer versions.

In case you’re wondering, these are some of the best FPS games online: Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Far Cry and Doom Eternal. Unsurprisingly, these games are responsible for some of the biggest communities in the gaming world.


Racing Games

Racing games have been around since the 1970s—Gran Trak 10, anyone? It came out in 1974, pioneering one of the most successful video game genres to date. That said, racing games come in many types.

Some games focus on racing entirely. They could simulate Formula One, NASCAR or fictional racetracks. On the flip side, some publishers incorporate FPS, action and adventure into racing games.

That way, you could compete in a race in the morning. And complete a mission to kill a mobster in the afternoon. All the same, there are tons of racing games for all devices. So, whether you want to race through the streets of New York, underground or on water, there’s a game for you.


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