What to wear now: Win a Dust of Gods apparel!

Dust of Gods by Antonio Tadrissi is a brand creating truly unique, wearable art.

Each Dust of Gods jacket is a hand-picked canvas that is cut, styled, painted, and embellished to become an intricate work of art. Our jackets are individually collected from local markets to vintage warehouses internationally. From the careful selection of the perfect vintage piece, to the one-of–a-kind dusting by an artist’s hand, every Dust of Gods garment undergoes a rigorous production process that ensures it can never be duplicated once it has been revived. Dust of Gods is about living out loud and adorning your style with personalized art that makes more than just a first impression.

Each Dust of Gods piece is one of one, There is nothing greater than the original.

As we approach the end of this unprecedented year, Dust of Gods is back with the second installment of Unbreakable. Inspired by human resilience, this collection is made with the intention to express one’s individuality through the beauty and uniqueness of places we come to learn, love, and grow with. The second installment of Unbreakable explores the great cities of London, Paris, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles and Beijing.

Unbreakable is more than a garment – It is a statement. Throughout time, humans have faced many challenges and yet we still stand. It is our human nature to survive, rebuild, and to become the best version of ourselves. Throughout 2020, we have learned that even in an age ofglobalization, we are still a village. A village that needs each other when we suffer, and a community that requires the strength and togetherness to help prevail through the challenges that we come across.

This collection is a statement to remind us that we are UN-BREAK-A-BLE.

Verge Magazine has teamed up with Dust of Gods to give Two of our amazing readers an opportunity to win some limited edition Dust of Gods Unbreakable apparel!

To enter please email info@vergemagazine.co.uk and tell us why you are Unbreakable! The person with the best answer will be contacted via email.

Please Note:  Competition runs until Monday 14th December 


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