If you’re looking for new ways to keep it cool and classy in your living room KLEKT will come to the rescue. With some incredible choices to choose from, you’ll be ready for every viral hang out lockdown has to throw at you. Have a look at some of the top picks for lounging around and try your hardest not to have outfit envy.

Palace P-3 Team Hood Black (FW20) 

The Palace P–3 Team Hood is perfect for our current weather conditions, the rain is continuous and the cold is creeping in. Why not stay warm and cosy in style. The unique classic Triangle Palace logo has been remixed on this piece, instead of a block triangle Palace has continued the triangle effect but instead in a written form. It’s the small details that make the biggest difference. The perfect neutral colourway, head over to KLEKT.com and get yours now!

Palace Tri-Lager T-Shirt Black (FW20) £63 – £132

Palace Week One has arrived and it came with a BANG! Many highly demanded products dropped with this release, but the Tri-Lager t-shirt has to be the most demanded of them all. Featuring the British Skates brands Iconic Palace Logo on both the front and the back, with a bubbly twist. The Palace logo is merged with the fizzy bubbling substance of a Lager, while this is perfect for the lager lovers, this is also a very cool design and should be ticked off your bucket list, we got you covered, available on KLEKT.com now!

Travis Scott x McDonald’s Sesame T-Shirt White (FW20) £63 – £95

The Travis Scott x Mcdonalds collection is one of the most sought after collections to drop this year! Travis Scott is continuously creating waves over social media with his new clothing drops and choices of footwear. This is the perfect purchase leading up to Christmas or a general gift for a friend or family. Nice cool, clean and easy design featuring both the Mcdonald’s classic Logo and the Cactus Jack spread across the back. The perfect T-shirt to have in your collection, we all love Mcdonalds and Travis Scott, why not have both, available in KLEKT.com now!

Supreme Smurfs Sweater Black (FW20) £366

Arguably the most popular item of Supremes week 6 release, the Smurfs Sweater is a definite head turner and a piece of clothing you want in your wardrobe. This sweater definitely stands out with its unique design and vibrant colourway. Not only is this a cool piece to have, but it’s also perfect for the winter, a nice knitted sweater to keep you warm. Get yours available on KLEKT.com now!

Supreme Smurfs Hooded Sweatshirt Pale Royal (FW20) 

Supreme week 6, saw the second release of the Supreme x Smurfs FW20 collaboration. After the first set of items dropped there were many people hoping to get their hands on pieces from the second release, which sold out almost instantly. The Hooded Sweatshirt is one of the most popular pieces, perfect in the Pale Royal Blue, plain on the front with the two main characters printed on the back again in the Pale Royal Blue, this blend of colours is perfect, creating a unique hooded sweatshirt, grab yours on KLEKT.com now!

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