What to wear now: Timberland NL SKY COLLECTION

As we strive to spend more time outdoors, from city streets to the ends of the Earth, Timberland introduces a new apparel collection inspired by one of the world’s most impressive natural phenomena, the Northern Lights.

Drawing from original vault styles, the FW21NL Sky Collection includes outerwear, hoodies, polar fleece pieces (including a dress) and T-shirts featuring iridescent prints and reflective elements in a striking color palette. The collection is weather-ready and responsibly made, with materials like ReBOTL fabric made from recycled plastic and 100% recycled insulation – so you can enjoy and protect Nature.

“This concept explores Nature and its connection to the imagination as darkness fades into the swirling light show known as the aurora borealis. Every trail on the ground and each star in the sky represent new possibilities and ideas. This is the next frontier in fashion for Timberland. One that helps build the world forward through eco-innovation and responsible materials. The greatest rewards are enjoyed by those who seek adventure.”

George Clayton, Senior Apparel Designer – Timberland


To launch the NL Sky Collection, Timberland partners with digital fashion house and industry leader The Fabricant to create a fully-digital campaign, from the models to the apparel pieces to the stunning night sky environment. The campaign centers on a film narrative called Chase the Light that visually explores the relationship between humans and Nature. The creative carries throughout all the brand’s channels and includes a custom AR filter for use on Instagram.


“The creative concept for this film is reality meets digital, urban world meets natural world. We want viewers to experience the wonders of nature in a way that is both familiar and fantastical.”

Amber Slooten, Co-Founder & Creative Director – The Fabricant


The NL Sky Collection launches globally December 7th at timberland.co.uk, Timberland® stores and select retailers. 

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