What to wear now: Merri

MERRI was created for women who were fed up with having to choose between comfort and confidence. After suffering from UTIs and thrush all their lives, women have been told by their gynaecologists, doctors and mums, to wear cotton underwear. It’s the most breathable for your skin, helps to prevent infections and ease other skin conditions.

Over 50% of women will have a UTI and over 75% will develop thrush at some point in their lifetime. But women aren’t happy with the options available as they are boring, frumpy and plain.

So MERRI was born…

Merri creates pants that look good, feel even better and are environmentally conscious, too. We are on a mission to create awareness as an organic and sustainable underwear brand. Our so excited to help more people discover soft, sexy and cotton pants.

Find out more here.

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