What to wear now: Columbia Sportswear

This summer has been a bit different than usual; with everyone being forced to spend more time with family and friends indoors, it’s only natural that we all would want to look our best whilst embracing nature. Whether you’ve spent your time rock climbing, hiking, or even just taking the dog for more walks in the park, outdoor wear is key to bringing confidence to every open-air adventure, and Columbia Sportswear are yet to let us down!
Not everyone can be a medal-worthy Olympian, but it’s definitely true that we’d all like to feel as though anything is possible when we’re going about our day. Sometimes feeling invincible is just putting on the perfect outfit that works well with your body whilst battling the world surrounding us, making sure that each step is filled with purpose! We’ve been lucky enough to have a look at some brand new releases from Columbia that feel as though they give you superpowers but are definitely within everyone’s price range, making exploring around us and feeling amazing that little bit more accessible.
Designed for function, built for style, this sneaker takes you over varied terrain seamlessly.
A waterproof hiker, designed to take you from city pavements out to peaks and pathways and back again. 

Explore new angles everywhere in this running-inspired, waterproof hiking sneaker.

This insulated, waterproof-breathable winter parka is built for warmth and protection in cold and wet weather.

This hands-free hip pack features a padded pocket for valuables, plus two zip pockets. But it’s the retro colors that really make this bag stand out.

Introducing the perfect pack for summer staycations and trips this year. This top-loading, 24-liter backpack has tons of internal and external compartments that help keep things organised and secure.