What to wear now: Columbia Sportswear Launches Omni-Heat Black Dot

Columbia Sportswear  a leading innovator across apparel and footwear, is launching its new ​Omni-Heat Black Dot technology, the outdoor industry’s first external thermal shield built to protect from the cold. ​This new textile acts as a heat magnet, featuring thousands of multilayered black dots that capture solar heat and trap warmth to keep people warmer in cold weather. Combined with Columbia’s Omni-Heat 3D thermal-reflective

lining, the new collection of men’s and women’s ​Omni-Heat Black Dot jackets is Columbia’s most advanced solution for fighting the cold this winter. ​These cutting-edge jackets are available at ​https://www.columbiasportswear.co.uk/c/warm-smarter​ and select retail locations.

The patent-pending Omni-Heat Black Dot technology features thousands of black dots on the exterior designed to help people warm smarter. Each multilayered dot is made of aluminum and covered with a black coating to enhance heat absorption from scattered or direct sunlight. Extensive laboratory and field testing shows that the jacket heats up quickly and holds that heat longer than jackets without this new technology.

Columbia’s Omni-Heat Black Dot material represents a culmination of warming innovations that began with the introduction of Omni-Heat Reflective linings, a revolutionary approach to lightweight insulation that is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. The reflective qualities of Omni-Heat aluminum dots bounce back the body’s radiant heat, similar to a breathable space blanket. In 2018, Columbia introduced its enhanced Omni-Heat 3D technology, which features small pods of vertically oriented fuzzy fibers on top of the reflective material to add more heat retention properties. Today’s launch of the Omni-Heat Black Dot technology is yet another technical leap forward and incorporates a new approach to fighting the cold.

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In its inaugural season, Columbia is offering two cutting edge Omni-Heat Black Dot jacket styles across men’s and women’s collections. Combined with Columbia’s award-winning Omni-Heat 3D lining and high performance insulation, these Omni-Heat Black Dot jackets represent Columbia’s most advanced system for fighting the cold:

  • ●  Three Forks Black Dot Jacket​ – The Three Forks Black Dot Jacket features a combination of cold-defeating technologies, including a heat-capturing Omni-Heat Black Dot exterior, advanced thermal-reflective Omni-Heat 3D lining, and the enhanced warmth and flexible comfort of Omni-Heat Stretch Insulation. It’s serious warmth for the serious cold and retails for £270.00
  • ●  Dawn Watch Black Dot Jacket​ – The Dawn Watch Black Dot Jacket has a trio of Columbia technologies designed for ultimate warmth, including an Omni-Heat Black Dot outer, advanced thermal-reflective Omni-Heat 3D lining, and Omni-Heat Stretch Insulation. It’s built for mother nature’s coldest days and retails for £315.00


For more information on Omni-Heat Black Dot technology, visit Columbia.com and join the conversation by following @columbia_eu on Twitter and Instagram, and @ColumbiaSportswear on Facebook.

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