what to eat now: The Breakfast Club Festive Menu

Head down to the Breakfast Club (or hop on Deliveroo) if you need help to get into the festive spirit this year.  They’re going all out with the festive menu specials this year. Available during December, they are guaranteed to have your bells jingling and mouth watering in all 12 of their London locations. 

The Breakfast Club are well known not only for their brunches, but a whole lot more: cracking food and drinks served with a heavy dose of feel-good warmth and hospitality. It’s a cafe that is about more than just the food and drink you put in your belly but the way it makes you feel! 

Tom from The Breakfast Club said: ‘Now you may be thinking that Christmas won’t be the same, that maybe you need to hold back, that for some reason it might not be quite as good as other years and that maybe we just look forward to 2021. But listen, we’re all in, head first, Sleigh bells ringing, rudolf red nosing, Eggnogging, roasted sprouting, snogging under the mistletoe (well maybe not that) because if we’ve learnt anything this year it’s that we find away and nothing but nothing is is going to stop us getting ourselves the Christmas we all deserve.’

This year they are hoping their Christmas menu will help you feel festive! 


Turkey & Waffle Dinner – Buttermilk fried turkey, goose fat roast potato waffle, pigs in blankets, caramelised sprouts, pecan and cranberries, American gravy & sage

Saint Elmo’s Christmas Sandwich – Deep-fried Camembert, sweet potato, butternut & sprout bubble, pickled red cabbage, spinach, root veg crisps & cranberry mayo 

Eggnog & Chocolate Pancakes – Chocolate panettone pancakes, eggnog cream, candied zest, roasted almonds & pistachios, peanut brittle, Ferrero Rocher & a drizzling of Advocaat. 

 They have also unveiled a new collection of classic cafe Breakfast Club T-Shirts to coincide with Christmas. These are available for purchase at the Club Shop for £18 and also from any of their cafes. They have also launched a Christmas Merch Bundle that includes a t-shirt of choice & a £ 15 gift voucher for £30!