What to eat now: Chicago Town Vegan Deep Dish Cheeezeburger

Following the success of its first vegan variety, Sticky BBQ Jackfruit, Chicago Town is launching two brand new vegan pizzas in 2021, and they are sure to get your taste buds tingling.

Be prepared for your love of pizza to get even deeper with Vegan Deep Dish Cheeezeburger. Chicago Town has filled its iconic deep dish crust with boatloads of the finest burger sauce for the ultimate base. This small but mighty pizza is then topped with vegan mince, red onions, tomatoes and gherkins, and sprinkled with lashings of mozzarella alternative, giving it an irresistible flavour.

The new vegan variant means that anyone can enjoy this tempting pizza cheeezeburger combo, no matter if you’re vegan or not. It will join Chicago Town’s existing Deep Dish Cheeseburger pizza which was successfully launched in 2020. Now that’s what you call the ultimate pizza offering, with an option for both plant-based eaters and those still wanting a meaty-feast.

Also joining Takeaway, the UK’s number 1 frozen pizza range, Chicago Town is launching Vegan Tomato Stuffed Crust Takeaway Smokey Bac’n and Mushroom. This indulgent sauce-filled crust bakes for the first time in consumer’s ovens, giving it that authentic takeaway taste. It’s topped with a smoked gouda alternative and smoky vegan bacon, which is accompanied by red onions and mushrooms.

Both will be available to buy in supermarkets from January 2021. And don’t worry, even if you’re not vegan you’ll still enjoy indulging in these tasty treats. Both pizzas are loaded with toppings, toppings and more toppings, providing great tasting vegan pizza in the comfort of your own home.

On the new flavours, Chicago Town spokesperson, Rachel Bradshaw said: “We are really excited to be expanding our vegan offering in Takeaway as well as launching our first Vegan Deep Dish variant. We know that consumers love indulgent flavours in vegan pizza, in fact our Vegan Tomato Stuffed Crust Sticky BBQ Jackfruit is the best-selling vegan pizza on the market in 2020.

“We’ve created Deep Dish Cheeezeburger and Tomato Stuffed Crust Smokey Bac’n and Mushroom for our vegan pizza lovers, but know that anyone can enjoy them – vegetarian, flexitarian, anyone who has a passion for pizza!”

Chicago Town’s first vegan pizza, Vegan Tomato Stuffed Crust Sticky BBQ Jackfruit launched just one year ago and is the biggest selling vegan pizza in the UK, valued at almost £3m (IRI | Major Mults | Value Sales | CYTD to 7 Nov 2020).

Both new products, Vegan Deep Dish Cheeezeburger and Vegan Tomato Stuffed Crust Takeaway Bac’n and Mushroom are also registered with The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark.

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