What to eat now: Burger & Lobster -Triple Cheeseburger

Mono-product and mono-pricing pioneers, Burger & Lobster is re-inventing a fast food classic with an air of luxury. Launching on Thursday 1st October and standing twice the height of the original, the three 5oz Nebraskan beef patties and copious amounts of American cheese are more juicy than couture and ready for the taking. Will the real Triple Cheeseburger please stand up.

With the original Triple Cheeseburger causing an eruption on Twitter, and not the good one, Burger & Lobster has dialled up the decadence and brought fans what they truly deserve.

The new burger in town includes three succulent 5oz Nebraskan beef patties, three slices of luscious melted American cheese, pickles for a sharp note, onions for a sweet taste, topped with a secret burger sauce and all nestled perfectly in a seeded brioche bun. Gorgeous.

Oh, and don’t forget the fries, large of course, and a side salad to make you feel slightly better about yourself after demolishing the tower of Nebraskan beef. To really set the experience apart, order a glass of bubbles, darling.

The new burger on the block is set to give any normal connoisseur the meat sweats, weighing in at 15oz and costing ten times the price of its equivalent at £21.90. Satisfying is an understatement.

Book a place now at Burger & Lobster to see if you can take on the real Triple Cheeseburger. If you’re not able to make it into a restaurant but still fancy a taste, you can get your fix at home thanks to our wonderful friends at Deliveroo and be in the comfort of your own home to digest the ginormous burger.

In addition to the triple cheeseburger, Burger & Lobster have announced their original menu pricing, which relaunched last month, will be continuing into October. The 2011 pricing includes a whole lobster with lemon or garlic butter, a delicious lobster roll with Japanese mayo or the original 10oz prime cut Nebraskan beef burger, now 2oz bigger, for £20 each, all served with a side of fries and house salad.

Get involved and share your social posts with #RealTripleCheeseburger and let the beef commence.