There’s nothing better than an epic driving experience; whether you’re heading on a long road trip or simply going to spend time with family, it’s so important to feel comfort and protection behind the wheel. Verge was lucky enough to partner with Honda in putting their brand new Honda CR-V to the test!

We know that cars like these aren’t just used for incredible adventures (well not as often as we’d like) so we used it for all aspects of life; from casual errand days to getting out of town. There were tons tons of things we really enjoyed about this car and we just had to share with you the benefits of switching over to a larger and more energy efficient auto.

If you’re looking for a car that doesn’t just drive but owns the road, the Honda CR-V may have just what you  need. With a 1.5 VTEC Turbo Engine available with manual or CVT automatic transmissions it’s fair to say that this car can go places, fast. It’s suitable for all terrains with a Real Time AWD Intelligent Control System that enables you to have full control regardless of how bumpy the ride is. Plus, with it being available in 8 glossy shades it’s so easy to fall in love with the beauty and the beast in this vehicle.

We’ve all been guilty of having our car mirrors swiped off by those annoying blind spots, well with the Honda CR-V that’s nearly impossible. With Blind Spot Information available via warning symbol on the door mirror it’s easy for you to know when somethings coming, preventing those infuriating all-most accidents! It also comes with Full Colour TFT Display, placing important information directly in front of  the driver. It supports some pretty useful features including voice activation, audio information and vehicle maintenance so you always know exactly what’s going on with easy access.

To keep our mitts off of our phones when driving, the Honda CR-V can have access to our phone contacts for SMS/Email Display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on a 7″ screen so there’s no excuse for us to not have our full attention on the road ahead. We’ve all had fights over the aux cord in Ubers, but with the USB and BlueTooth Technology in this car, everyone can charge up and play tunes with zero strops. Not to mention the built in navigation so there’s no more guessing which way is the right way by backseat drivers.

The worst part of road trips is when you have little to no space to stretch out, especially when on a seemingly never ending motorway. With the Honda CR-V not only is space not an issue, it encourages a more modern ride to please all passengers on board. There’s tons of legroom, 7 seats with an extra two seats if you’re looking for a little more company on the road. Not to mention the easy Tailgate Foot Sensor for when life literally keeps your hands full. For an easy and feel good ride Adaptive Cruise Control is available with a brilliant Lane Keeping System to ensure that you’re always on track- there’s also a Heated Steering Wheel which will be very useful once our 5 minute UK summer is over!

We really loved having this car and it was a bit hard for us to give it back, many tears were shed. But, if you’re looking for a car that will not only get you from A-B but will make each journey one to remember, we highly recommend you giving the Honda CR-V a test drive before the year’s out!