What To drink now: TICK TOCK

Tick Tock Wellbeing Range

One of Britain’s most loved independent tea brands, Tick Tock, has launched three new wellbeing teas – BOUNCE, BALANCE and BEDTIME. These naturally caffeine free infusions combine the benefits of the most delicious natural herbs and spices with antioxidant-rich rooibos to help tea lovers everywhere be well, feel good and keep smiling.

Whether you need a little boost, a little balance in your day, or a little help winding down, Tick Tock’s herbal blends offer something for everyone – morning, noon and night.


  • BOUNCE is a vibrant and refreshing blend that will help put a spring in your step whatever the time of day. Invigorating lemongrass and ginger, along with lively cinnamon and fresh green rooibos, all work together to create a bright and uplifting cup.


  • BALANCE is perfect for helping your body and mind maintain their natural poise. Drawing on the wisdom of herbal traditions from around the world, it combines cleansing fennel, turmeric and antioxidant-rich rooibos for a naturally supportive brew.


  • BEDTIME makes for a dreamy bedside companion. Ideal at the end of the day when it’s time to unwind and relax, this all-natural blend of calming camomile and lemon balm, lavender flowers and soothing rooibos will help you nod off in no time.


Georgia Ginsberg, Tick Tock Director and great-granddaughter of rooibos founder Benjamin Ginsberg, commented:

“At Tick Tock, we’ve always believed that tea, and taking time for tea, is something really special that can make a positive difference in everyone’s life. Our new Wellbeing infusions aim to brighten up our everyday and help us all relax and feel good.”


Visit ticktocktea.com to find out more information, and to get your hands on BOUNCE, BALANCE and BEDTIME.