what to drink now: The Solo Espresso Shot

Solo Coffee has launched the brand new Solo Espresso Shot, delivering great coffee in a convenient bottled format. The small and powerful coffee shot is here to bring back the true functionality of coffee at its purest form, a pick me up to boost productivity, creativity and provide that extra hit of energy to keep you going throughout the day. It just so happens to taste amazing too.

The Solo Espresso Shot
is currently available direct from the Solo Coffee website, with a pack of 10 retailing at £16.50, or you can set up a subscription at a reduced cost of £14.85 for a pack of 10.

Each shot contains 127 mg of caffeine, providing a clean form of energy without fueling your body with sugars and unknown additives and ingredients. It’s just great quality coffee and water. The convenient bottled format is perfect for when you are on the go or want to keep a quick energy boost in your bag. Whether it’s before a long day at work, an intense gym session, a lengthy car journey, or to keep you up during those final hours before a deadline, Solo Coffee is here to give you energy in its purest form.

Solo Espresso Shot provides exceptionally good coffee with a delicious taste so moreish that it makes every other coffee taste watery. It’s finely filtered to make a smooth mouthfeel, but still maintain a bold and strong espresso flavour alongside that super important caffeine hit. It’s everything that’s great about coffee condensed into one tiny and powerful hit.

Solo Coffee was founded by friends Theo and Alex, with the aim of making coffee more accessible to everyone. Baristas for years, they became frustrated with the over-complication of coffee. For them, it’s just about having a great base coffee that everyone can get on board with and enjoy.

The Solo Espresso Shot is available in the following formats:

1 box of 10 x 60ml Espresso Shot Bottles, £16.50

Subscription of 1 box of 10 x 60ml Espresso Shot Bottles every 30 days, £14.85

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