This summer, the Pepsi MAX Taste Challenge is back, putting its taste on the line and going head-to-head once again with its biggest selling cola competitor – this time, with a little help from British comedian Asim Chaudhry’s well-loved character, Chabuddy G.

Known for his questionable entrepreneurial skills, the self-proclaimed Mayor of Hounslow, has turned his attention to becoming a ‘social media influencer’. In the hope of securing his first legitimate brand partnership, he’s dubbed himself the Pepsi MAX ‘Chief Tasting Officer’ just in time for the launch of the 2019 Pepsi MAX Taste Challenge. With his selfie-game on lock, a new appreciation for hashtags and his infamous van at the ready, Chabuddy G takes to the streets of London to prove once again that Pepsi MAX is the nation’s favourite against the UK’s biggest selling cola.

Commenting on his latest venture, Chabuddy G said:

“I realised I’ve been hustling for so long and I’m not going to lie, there’s been a lot of failure in my career. Then I realised there’s this job called ‘social media influencer’ where brands just send you free stuff! lol. So, when I saw Pepsi MAX was in town, I thought this was my shot to really make it big with a brand that matches me because I’m a bold guy and like all things MAX. With my entrepreneurial flare AND smouldering good looks, I am the perfect fit to be the Chief Tasting Officer and prove, once again, that Pepsi MAX is the best tasting cola around. Watch how I influence!”

As part of the new Pepsi international platform and tagline FOR THE LOVE OF IT, Pepsi MAX is going all-in for the love of no sugar cola and encouraging its fans to do the same by bringing back its famous Pepsi MAX Taste Challenge this summer. The challenge encourages people across the country to participate in a blind taste test and decide which of the two colas they think tastes best, challenging their taste and cola preconceptions. Participants are given two glasses of unbranded, chilled cola and asked for their verdict, with the results then tallied from across the country. In 2018, the Pepsi MAX Taste Challenge saw 61% of the UK agree that Pepsi MAX tastes better than the biggest selling competitor cola.

Check out Chabuddy G on Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with his Pepsi MAX crusade and find out how he’s taking on the doubters. Visit www.pepsi.co.uk to find your nearest Pepsi MAX Taste Challenge location and take the challenge yourself. The Pepsi MAX Taste Challenge will be conducted at Pepsi MAX pop-up locations in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, York, Newcastle.