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To celebrate International Gin & Tonic Day (19 October), BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® today announces the twelve final serves created at its annual Artistry of the Gin & Tonic workshop. The drinks are available at top bars across the country for a limited time only.

Held in July at intimate bar and cocktail emporium TT Liquor in Shoreditch, the workshop saw twelve of the UK’s leading bartenders take on the task of creatively reimagining the classic G&T by drawing on their own experience, expertise and artistry.

London bars includeChina Tang, Oriole, Artesian, Satan’s Whiskers andKwãnt.Participating Scottish bars include Glasgow’s Wheesht and Edinburgh’s Bramble, with further bars from across the UK includingTariff & Dale andScience & Industry (both Manchester), Wilderness (Birmingham),Below Stairs (Leeds)and VOLPI (Liverpool). The new expressions will feature as a guest serve on their bar’s menu for a period of three months – encompassing International Gin & Tonic day on 19 October.

“We are extremely excited to reveal this year’s twelve Artistry of the Gin & Tonic serves, imagined by bartenders at the forefront of the UK’s cocktail scene,” comments Renaud de Bosredon, Bombay Sapphire UK Brand Ambassador. These creative new expressions confirm how the balanced flavour profile of Bombay Sapphire provides a great canvas for cocktail creativity, allowing a vast range of flavours and ingredients to complement our gin.”

 The bartenders were challenged to create original serves, taking inspiration from and incorporating the three fundamental elements of an original G&T: citrus, gin and at least one reinvigorating ingredient. See below for the full list of final serves and their respective bars:


SILK ROUTE at Oriole Bar

Bombay Sapphire, pistachio aperitif, lemon, rose and vetiver kombucha

TheSilk Routeis a drink with transoceanic influences – liquorice from China, juniper from Italy and cubeb berries from Java – and the serve is a reflection of the importance of the ancient Silk Road to traders. Flavours from around the world are combined to bring out a unique, optimum flavour.

Oriole, E Poultry Ave, Farringdon, London, EC1A 9LH



SHIRA UME at Kwãnt

Bombay Sapphire, grapefruit, plum, shiso and tonic

Minimalism is a budding cocktail industry trend and the concept behind Shire Ume.The combination of shiso, grapefruit and plum add a quiet Japanese touch and subtle complexity in flavour whilst drawing on inspiration from the East.

Kwãnt, 25 Heddon St, Mayfair, London, W1B 4BH



DARK AMERICANO at Satan’s Whiskers

Bombay Sapphire, picon amber, coffee, sugar and tonic

Coffee in cocktails is the trend that refuses to subside, and Dark Americanois inspired by cold brew coffee. It’s refreshing yet not overly strong – the versatile nature of the cocktail means it’s the perfect companion for a weekend lunch, or more intimate evening occasion.

Satan’s Whiskers, 343 Cambridge Heath Rd, London, E2 9RA



RED at Artesian

Bombay Sapphire, sour cherries, olive and sake 

Redis a cocktail inspired by the concept of how the mind perceives colour in terms of flavour – the deceptive cocktail isn’t as sweet and fruity as its appearance might suggest. Mixed with olive and sake, with a hint of sour cherry, the cocktail is more ‘dirty martini’than its candied colour suggests.

Artesian, 1C Portland Pl, Marylebone, London, W1B 1JA



THE TANG TEA PUNCH at China Tang, The Dorchester

Bombay Sapphire, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, osmanthus oolong tea, hibiscus tea syrup, lemon juice and jasmine bitters

Tea cocktails are brewing up a storm in London’s bar scene so it’s no surprise that China Tang has a brand new tea-based cocktail on the menu, The Tang Tea Punch. This lavish Asian infusion of semi-oxidised osmanthus oolong tea evokes 1930s Shanghai with its Art Deco aesthetic and grassy, milky flavour.

53 Park Ln, Mayfair, London W1K 1QA




Bombay Sapphire, cold brew coffee, soy sauce aged plum wine, pandan leaf, malic acid and soda

The continued overlap of the bartender and barista worlds inspired Jamie Moran when concocting his Coffee Bluesserve; a fun coffee-led highball with a hint of the East thanks to the soy sauce aged plum wine and pandan leaf.

Wheesht, 10 John Street, Glasgow G1 1JQ, Scotland



FASHION at Wilderness

Bombay Sapphire, bay leaf sauternes, homemade elderflower cordial and tonic water

Fashionacts as a celebration of the fashion industry and all things glamour and prestige that come with it. This aperitif-style cocktail is garnished with cuts of sapphire cloth and finished with a touch of tartan – a nod to the timeless and distinguished work of Alexander McQueen.

Wilderness, 27 Warstone Ln, Birmingham B18 6JQ



Grand Central at Bramble Bar

Bombay Sapphire, white cocoa liqueur, Martini Bianco, marshmallow root, clarified soured green apple, carbonated water

Less is more, so the Grand Centralcocktail takes a no-frills approach – it is clean and simple. The long, refreshing and creamy cocktail boasts soft marshmallow root and crisp green apple, perfectly complementing the soft floral notes of the gin.

The Bramble Bar, 16A Queen St, Edinburgh EH2 1JE




Bombay Sapphire, honeysuckle and barley water, toasted pollen, citrus and nettle soda

Late Mayis a cocktail that welcomes in brighter days and warmer evenings – it’s inspired by the first Summery, al fresco cocktail of the year. All great gin and tonic cocktails should have an element of fresh effervescence and the inclusion of nettle soda does just that, simultaneously providing a herbaceous and nostalgic finish to the drink.

VOLPI, 27 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5AP



NOSTALGIA TONIC at Science & Industry

Bombay Sapphire, homemade ‘nostalgia syrup’, champagne solution, egg whites and light tonic

Nostalgia Tonicis bursting with flavour from summers past. Egg whites and champagne solution create connotations of cream soda and foam bananas – a light and sweet treat.

Science & Industry, 49-51 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA



BOMBAY CLOVER at Tariff & Dale

Bombay Sapphire, clover soda, clover foam, spent zest, raspberry for garnish

Inspired by the ever-growing trend of lower ABV and growing desire for drinks that contain a lower alcohol content whilst not losing flavour, the Bombay Cloveris a tall and refreshing classic cocktail. An infusion of techniques is used to ensure that no flavour is compromised whilst reducing alcohol content.

Tariff & Dale, 2 Tariff St, Manchester M1 2FN




Bombay Sapphire, tonic, champagne acid, champagne yeast, angelica root, baked bread distillate

Carbonation is a trend that has soared through 2019 and this bottled gin and tonic embraces artistry, both on and in the bottle. If you’re looking for something to treat you and your friends to a unique drinking experience – look no further.

Below Stairs, 12 S Parade, Leeds LS1 5AL

@belowstairsbar (Facebook)


The serves are available now at their respective bars for a limited time only.




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