What to drink now: Bodega Bay

Brand new ‘Hard Seltzers’ have taken the US by storm, and now it’s their turn! Taking inspiration from the balmy beaches in California, Bodega Bay is the first premium Hard Seltzer to hit the UK’s shores. Move over cider and rosé, this alcoholic sparkling water is perfect for all you healthy hedonists looking for a delicious low-sugar and low-calorie alternative. It’s the good-times drink for the summer, letting you enjoy yourself without counting the calories.

Set to change the way you drink, Bodega Bay is made with sparkling spring water, Brew Clear filtered alcohol and no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Each can contains just 72 calories and is 4% ABV, but makes no compromises on the taste! ‘Apple with Ginger & Açai Berry’ and ‘Elderflower with Lemon & Mint’ are the two fresh and delicious flavours to choose from.

Bodega Bay is best enjoyed straight from the chilled can or poured over ice. However, both flavours also make for delectable ice-cold summer cocktails. Bodega Bay can be mixed and muddled into a chilled vodka Bodega Bay Collins using the Elderflower with lemon & Mint expression or a tropical rum based Caribbean Spice using the Apple with Ginger & Açai, to name a couple.

Bodega Bay’s design is reminiscent of sunset surf sessions and the Bay’s outdoor lifestyle. Ignite a sense of escapism with a can-in-hand this festival season at the beach-inspired Bodega Bay stand popping up at Bluedot, Kendal Calling and Rewind South, and reach that Californian zen in one of the relaxing yoga classes. You can also grab a can of Bodega Bay at Port Elliot in Cornwall and Truck Festival, or in the VIP area at Wilderness.

If you’re not hitting the festival circuit this year, Bodega Bay is available to enjoy at the three Boma London bar and restaurants2 as well as Goldfinch cocktail bar in South West London.

Bodega Bay is available at Boma Bridge in Putney, Boma in Fulham and Boma Green in Parson’s Green.

Why not order a case of 12 cans for £36 online at www.BodegaBay.co.uk to deck out that summer garden party, picnic or barbecue with friends.

Bodega Bay is the next generation of alcoholic drink, letting you live a balanced, happier and healthier lifestyle. Once you go Hard Seltzer, you’ll never go back!


For more information, please contact www.bodegabay.co.uk

Instagram: @BodegaBayDrink


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