What to drink now: BACARDÍ Spiced rum

As the nation wheels out its barbeque grills and sun loungers, BACARDÍ has partnered with London restaurant Berber and Q to launch exclusive make-at-home BACARDÍ BBQ packs, using BACARDÍ Spiced rum as a key ingredient for meat marinades and cocktails, putting the spice back into your summer!

The limited edition make-at-home BBQ and cocktail packs are available from 22nd June for just £59 via the the Berber and Q website and available to London residents only. However, fans also have the chance to get lucky and win a free pack via an exclusive competition running from Monday 22nd June to Thursday 25th June at @bacardi_uk and @berberandq.

The BBQ and cocktail packs will include:

At-Home Spiced Cocktail Kit

  • X1 Bottle of BACARDÍ Spiced Rum
  • BACARDÍ Spiced & Cola recipe and ingredients
  • BACARDÍ Spiced & Ginger Ale recipe and ingredients


At-Home Spiced BBQ Kit 

Smoked chicken thighs with saffron, orange & BACARDÍ Spiced Rum caramel

  • 4 x chicken thighs (pre-rubbed with our house chicken rub & vac-packed)
  • Saffron, orange & BACARDÍ Spiced Rum caramel
  • Hazelnut dukkah
  • Aleppo chilli flakes
  • Fresh basil

Charred broccoli, pickled red onions, rose harissa, candied sultanas & pistachio

  • Pre-blanched broccoli
  • Pickled red onions
  • Rose harissa
  • Candied sultanas
  • Pistachio

Hummus with chickpeas & green chilli sauce

Labneh with nigella seed dukkah

Pita bread

Chopped salad

Lemon dressing

Pickles & olives 


Berber and Q founder and owner, Josh Katz commented:

 Summer is upon us and this limited-edition menu makes it easier than ever to enjoy a delicious BBQ from home. Pairing the bold and smooth flavours of BACARDÍ Spiced with Smoked Chicken Thighs, with Saffron, Orange, & Rum Caramel has created the ultimate -BBQ experience. BACARDÍ Spiced is known for its versatility and this modern take on the classic BBQ dish is going to take your barbeque skills to another level. We’ve brought together the delectable flavours from the rum barrels and layered them throughout the recipe, complementing each note, from grain to grill!


The partnership will bring the ultimate grilling and at home party experience to foodies this summer with a free, online masterclass led by Head Chef Josh Katz from Berber and Q and a BACARDÍ ambassador on the @bacardiuk Instagram page on Saturday 27th June at 18:00. The Instagram Live will give Brits a step by step guide on meat marinating and grilling, to cocktail shaking and glass filling, helping to perfect your barbeque celebrations this season.

The packs will also include two make-at-home recipe cards, curated by Shervene Blackburn, Head of Brand Advocacy at Bacardi who said:

 We’ve included these simple spiced rum cocktail recipes to not only compliment the flavours of the Smoked Chicken Thighs, with Saffron, Orange, & Rum Caramel, but also to showcase the flavour notes and versatility of BACARDÍ Spiced. We know it’s a favourite when mixed with cola, but what about exploring and getting creative from your back garden with a marinade! Barbeques are a staple part of our British summer and we wanted to ensure the UK could continue to celebrate the seasons from home with these delicious spiced  drinks from BACARDÍ.”

Spiced rum lovers can be in with a chance of receiving a limited-edition BBQ pack from @bacardiuk and @Berberandq on Instagram, from Monday 22nd June – Thursday 25th June. The livestream masterclass will take place on the @bacardiuk Instagram channel on Saturday 27thJune.




Make at home recipes for x2 cocktails from BACARDÍ and x2 BBQ dishes from Berber & Q below. 

BACARDÍ Spiced & Cola 

  • 50ml BACARDÍ Spiced rum
  • 100ml Cola


  1. Fill a highball glass with ice
  2. Poor the BACARDÍ Spiced Rum and the mixer in the glass.
  3. Stir
  4. Enjoy!


BACARDÍ Spiced & Ginger Ale 

  • 50ml BACARDÍ Spiced rum
  • 100ml Ginger Ale


  1. Fill a highball glass with ice
  2. Poor the BACARDÍ Spiced Rum and the mixer in the glass.
  3. Stir
  4. Enjoy!


Make at home recipe for x2 BBQ dishes from Berber and Q. 

BBQ Recipe 1

  1. Heat a pan of water up to 80c, a very gentle simmer, and submerge the smoked chicken thighs for 30 minutes whilst you prepare your barbecue.
  2. Set a barbecue up for single-zone, direct grilling, ensuring that you are cooking over hot embers.
  3. When the fire is ready, carefully remove the smoked chicken thighs from their bag and grill over hot coals, basting regularly with the caramel, turning the thighs regularly and continuing to baste each side.
  4. Pour approximately a quarter of the caramel into a heavy-based pan and place on the barbecue next to the thighs, allowing the caramel to bubble and thicken.
  5. When the chicken thighs are nicely charred and the skin crisped, transfer from the grill to the pan and continue to cook for a final couple of minutes in the reducing caramel, spooning the sauce over the thighs as you go.
  6. Remove the pan from the barbecue, throw some ripped basil over the chicken to wilt in the residual heat and garnish with chilli flakes and hazelnut dukkah provided.

BBQ Recipe 2

  1. Set a barbecue up for single-zone, direct grilling, ensuring that you are cooking over hot embers.
  2. Grill the blanched broccoli over high heat until charred and crisped in parts, no more than a couple of minutes on both sides. Transfer to a bowl and drizzle with some oil. Season with salt & black pepper to taste.
  3. Transfer to a plate and garnish the broccoli with pickled red onion, pistachio, rose harissa and sultanas.


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