What to drink now: Amaro Montenegro

Amaro Montenegro, was created in 1885 in Bologna and continues to be a firm favourite amongst Italians to this day as Italy’s no.1 premium amaro.

The delicate and unique blend of sweet and citrus flavours make it the perfect drink for those looking to try a new tipple as lockdown life continues into the summer – Amaro Montenegro is delicious whether it is enjoyed as part of a Monte and tonic or sipped as a digestif, and is the perfect way to bring a taste of the continent to your home.


Monte & Tonic



1 part Amaro Montenegro (50 ML)

3 parts tonic water (150ML)


Orange or Lime Wedge


Pour out the 50ml Montenegro measurement into your glass over ice

Add the tonic water

Garnish with the orange or lime wedge






2 parts Amaro Montenegro (40ML)

1 part Vermouth (20ML)

1 part Gin (20ML)

2 drops of Angostura Bitter

Ice and orange peel



Combine the Amaro Montenegro with the Vermouth and Gin, in a glass over ice.

Add two drops of Angostura Bitter, and stir

Garnish with the orange peel



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