What is eSports and why is it considered a sport?

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The world has become more electronic and digital with each year, and this shows in many different ways. This phenomenon has even impacted the sports industry, moving almost all sports betting online.

Because of digitization, even Vegas NFL odds are now accessible without leaving your home. There is another thing this digitization has created in the sports industry, namely the introduction of a completely new type of sport; eSports. But what is eSports, and why has it become so popular so fast. This article will answer these and many other questions. 

eSports means electronic sports

To start off, we need to clear out the whole concept of eSports. ESports means electronic sports, and it is actually an umbrella term for many subcategories. ESports are different types of games that can be played in a competitive form.

ESports games can be anything from war games to card games, and obviously sports-related games. Some of the popular options are for example CS: GO, Hearthstone and FIFA. ESports have both individual and group options, and many countries are starting to have their own teams.

Why is something electronic considered a sport?

This is an argument that has lasted for years now. Many people didn’t want to acknowledge eSports as a type of sport for quite a long time. What was their argument? The fact that it doesn’t require physical movement.

Now, a lot of these people have slowly changed their minds. In the end, the world is changing, and getting more digital, so even the concept of sports needs to be reconsidered. Since eSports require a lot of training and it can be played in a competitive form, it meets the requirements to be considered as a sport. 

eSports have become popular fast

Even though many people didn’t want to acknowledge eSports as a type of sport for quite a long time, it has still become popular very fast. There are obviously many different reasons for this increasing popularity, but one of these is more obvious than the others.

Online sports betting has made it possible to also bet on eSports. Sites like BetUS offer many fantastic opportunities to do so. Since online sports betting has become more popular, this has also made eSports very well-known and popular among different people.It is most likely eSports will just keep on becoming more popular.

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