What Are The Lowest Ranking Universities in UK Good At?

Each year, Times Higher Education, among others, ranks the ‘best universities’ around the world. These rankings are usually based on academic aspects of the university, and mostly focuses on research, teaching, and course selection. Surveybee looked into why the best may not be the best for you.

The top ten universities in UK according to the Times Higher Education only enroll 8,5% of UK’s undergraduates, meaning that over 90 percent of UK students don’t end up there. In fact, a bigger percentage of 17,7% ends up in the lowest 20 universities, but the lower ranking universities are rarely talked about in the media.


The Lower Ranking Universities Can Be Better For Some

Even though the academic ranking of the school can be important, students have more things to consider when choosing their university: financial aspect, employment rate after graduation, professional training, learning environment or in general student life satisfaction.

That is why it is important to not only focus to the highest ranking universities, but also, make sure that the experience is pleasant for you and meets for your needs as a student, whether it be more practical education or specific learning environments.

universitysatisfaction_765x354-jpgAcademic Acclaim Doesn’t Guarantee Student Satisfaction

A recent Student Satisfaction Study by Lloyds Banks shows that getting into the most prestigious Universities in UK doesn’t automatically guarantee a good student experience. Among the top 10 most satisfied Universities, only 3 are also among the top 10 prestigious universities.

The table here shows how the universities with the highest student satisfaction are, in most cases, far from the top 10. The most satisfied university in UK last year was Loughborough University, and ranked 38th on the Times Higher Education list.

Focusing on factors such as: course quality, employment and earnings potential, accommodation cost, sports facilities, crime, and social life, the study shows that the reasons for the high satisfaction in Lougborough include: safety, good employment opportunities after graduation, social life, and living costs.

While course selection and academically acclaimed teachers can largely affect the student’s experience, for many others, the student experience is defined by other factors, completely; and enrolling in a lower ranking university can actually lead to a better student experience, for some.

What The Lower Ranking Universities Are Good At

If you do not have the grades to get into Oxford or Cambridge, don’t worry. This does not mean that you can not have great courses and a good time with your studies. A lot of the less academically acclaimed universities have a lot to offer both in education and overall student experience.

This is why we present you with the lowest ranking universities in UK, and highlight the things they are great at. Whether it’s in sports, business, media, or something else, every university is perfect for someone.

In this lighthearted video you’ll find each university, and the best thing they offer. Below you can find more detailed information for each of them.


Universities with good business education

These Universities could be ideal for anyone who is considering becoming a business person, or even starting their own company. They provide professional advice and help for starting up your own business, or simply offer award winning education in the field of business.


Universities offering good vocational training

Many people are sick of learning theory by heart from high school textbooks, and going through the same again in University isn’t ideal for everyone. Good thing is, not every university focuses solely on theory.

These Universities, presented below, focus highly on vocational training and preparing students for the working life. This means they have particular focus on practical studies and close collaboration with companies.


Innovative Universities

These following universities have a high focus on supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. So if you have ever considered trying your hand with patents and own business ideas, these universities can support you with that.


Universities Offering Good Scholarships

There’s no denying it, going to University is not cheap. The tuition fees alone can be very tough to pay, and that is just the beginning. Books, food, living, entertainment, and student life in general can quickly lead to an empty wallet.

The following Universities offer different kinds of scholarships to help you manage your studies financially, so your diet doesn’t have to consist of noodles and porridge, at least, not all the time.


Universities with good sports department

While most universities offer a good variety of different sports, this school really focuses on making sure you are presented with amazing facilities to get your sweat on, and, also, collaborates with different sports organisations, offering great employment opportunities for the future.


Universities with good student life

Do you study hard, and party hard? In the following universities you’ll have great opportunities for having fun. Some of them are located in cities that are often nominated among the best nightlife cities in the UK, and some offer other great activities through hard working student unions.

Some of the cities are also among the cheapest in the UK to live in, so they are great for people who are struggling with financing their studies.


Universities with good learning environment

It’s good to keep in mind that different people learn better in different kinds of environments. The following universities offer different kind of spaces and environments to learn, from green rooftops to online courses.



-University rankings are based Times Higher Education UK rankings.
-Student experience ranking is based on 2015 Lloyd’s Bank Student Life Survey.
-The information about the universities is gathered from the details of the Student Life Survey, Times Higher Education profiles, StudentCrowd reviews, and the universities’ own websites. 
-Student enrolment information is gathered from The Complete University Guide 

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