Wellness isn’t about ‘stuff’ anymore

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Move over Gwyneth, Goop is going to have to adapt to survive, as wellness as we know it is on its way out. Wellness has dominated the airwaves for nearly a decade. What started as an innocent white woman’s foray into the ‘undiscovered’ benefits of turmeric lattes has become a billion-dollar industry hawking everything from weight-loss inducing laxative tea to giant candles with – er – funky smells. It has finally become a parody of itself, and until recently it showed no sign of slowing down. For a movement that was meant to be about mindfulness and minimalism, it became a shallow, capitalist entity which preyed on internalised misogyny.

Thankfully, wellness is getting a makeover due to some much-needed spirituality. Gone are the jade eggs and the candles, the new era of wellness is about spirituality. Being spiritual isn’t about being religious, rather it is about the ability to connect with your own mind and body, to have an energy and acute awareness of yourself and others. Some people are more naturally gifted with this than others, but it can be learned, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Mindfulness and meditation can lead to a more heightened sense of spirituality, and provide deep calm within the body. Meditation is used in Buddhism as a way of connecting with oneself, but also for ‘vipassana’, which means ‘to gain insight’. Mindfulness is brought about by meditation and is also a practice in its own right. Spirituality is about learning more about yourself and others, gaining insight into your feelings and connecting with the needs of others without compromising your own.

In order to begin your spiritual journey, it is essential to come from a place of calm. You may feel like you need an anchor before you can understand the journey you are taking, or you might need to spend some time reconciling with the past. Clairvoyant readings can offer guidance around these things and help you gain some clarity to help you in your spiritual journey. You can find Clairvoyants online at TheCircle, along with other spiritual guides such as Tarot Readers and Mediums.

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Spirituality isn’t just about your mind, it is also about your actions. Consider ways in which you can spend your time helping others, such as volunteering at a food bank or your local hospital. In this new era of wellness, peace will come not from how many strangely scented candles you can buy, but from your actions towards others and the earth. Mindfully separating the rubbish is now a wellness activity, in fact, anything could be a wellness activity, as long as you are practising mindfully and it doesn’t cost the earth.

As we begin to see through the Californian wellness trends, this new era harks an industry not driven by class but driven by our actions towards ourselves and others. Wellness shouldn’t have to cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, nor should you have to travel for thousands of miles for a retreat. If wellness is truly about feeling ‘well’, then we should be embracing the trend towards spirituality, as long as it continues to benefit the earth and its inhabitants.

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