We’ll Miss You: Saying Goodbye to Blink 182

Every pop-punk man and woman is taking a moment of silence today as it is announced that once again, the Blink 182 we all know and love is no more. Like a reoccurring nightmare from 2004, Tom DeLonge, lead guitarist and vocalist for the California band has left, leaving behind a very tired, but apparently content Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker.


Reports began flooding in last night that DeLonge had once again chosen to step away from Blink, as he did 10 years ago when the band originally broke up. However, just hours after these reports were released, DeLonge took to his Instagram to dispel the rumours. “To all the fans,” he wrote, “I never quit the band. I was actually on a phone call about a Blink 182 event for New York City at the time all these weird press releases started coming in…” This was followed by a very short tweet from the band’s bassist, Mark Hoppus that simply read, “Blink 182 life. For Life.” And with these statements, all Blink fans took a moment to breathe a sigh of relief.


Unfortunately for Blink fans, that relief did not last very long; within 24 hours of DeLonge’s photo and Hoppus’s tweet, a joint statement from Barker and Hoppus was released, pulling back the curtain on everything that has been happening between the band for the past two years. According to Hoppus and Barker, Blink has been attempting to record new music for the past 2 years, but every time they got anywhere near a studio, DeLonge pushed the process back. “On December 30th, we get an e-mail from Tom’s manager saying that he has no interest in recording and that he wants to do his other, non-musical stuff and that he’s out indefinitely,” said Hoppus in an interview with Rolling Stone. This was after several months of positive progress for the band.

“It’s hard to cover for someone who’s disrespectful and ungrateful,” a clearly hurt Barker said to Rolling Stone. “You don’t even have the balls to call your bandmates and tell them you’re not going to record or do anything Blink-related.” After all these years, it is clear that DeLonge’s heart is just not in it to create music for Blink. However, his former bandmates hope, “Tom does whatever makes him happy and stops holding Blink-182 back from what we all agree that we’re going to do: play shows, record music, continue this legacy and have a good time doing it.”


For now, fans can only sit back and wait to see what the future holds for Blink 182. They can also check them out at the 8th annual Musink Festival on March 22nd, with friend and Alkaline Trio member Matt Skiba filling in for Tom DeLonge.

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