Welcome Back John Galliano!

After 4 years of living in exile from the fashion community, John Galliano has come back with a vengeance, premiering his first new collection at London Collections: Men. The flamboyant designer, previously attached to Dior and Oscar de la Renta, has had a lot going on in the last four years. After making several racist and anti-semitic comments, Galliano was released from Dior and has received treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. After a deep fall, it seemed that the world had seen the last of John Galliano.


However, Galliano returned to the fashion scene with a bang, with stunning pieces that included a ghostly wedding gown and a giant red mask, paired with a matching red swing coat and red rubber leggings. Always the artist, Gilliano did not disappoint with his latest creations. Not only was the collection debuted, but Twitter was also set a blaze by the fashion community, with the hashtag #MargielaMonday to offer their opinions on the controversial comeback. Red Magazine called the collection, “a mixture of Belgian chic, Parisian couture and a Galliano wild streak this #MargielaMonday hasn’t been a boring one!”


Several of Galliano’s friends and colleagues made their way to London Collections: Men to support the return of the infamous artist. Renowned accessory designer Manolo Blahnik said, “It’s John Galliano so it’s okay, it’s fabulous,” adding later “It’s a beautiful show. I am glad he’s working again.” Former fashion editor for the Daily Telegraph and experienced fashion editor Hillary Alexander was elated at the return of her old friend; “The show was sensational,” she said. “I am absolutely thrilled, I am ecstatic, I couldn’t be happier. It was Galliano at his very best, on peak form and surprising and delightful and just wonderful … There were ribbons and incredible masks and shells and gilt and gold and embroidery and tailored trouser suits.” Alongside several fashion professionals who attended Galliano’s premier was long-time friend Kate Moss and her husband Jamie Hince; the two sat front row at the show, offering nothing but support for their talented friend.


Though Galliano was not seen at the show, he was photographed leaving the event after its conclusion. Many are calling this collection the peak of the designer’s career. After such a long absence, he has made quite the splash back onto the fashion scene. For now, the world can only sit back and wait to see what Galliano has queued up next.

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