Vodafone shares 5 top tips for capturing a sensational festival snapchat

1. Festival Filters

Don’t just use the filters; combine them with Geo-filters for more fun!

Whilst it’s fun to use the built-in dog filters and face swapping for laughs, always swipe across for geo-filters too. This means you’ll discover whether the festival has its own filters to raise more awareness and make it more entertaining. It’s not just limited to festivals; some of the brands sponsoring or selling there may also have their own filters – so make sure you check before you hit ‘send to story’

2. Be Creative

As well as filters, make use of the other creative tools available to you. Once you’ve taken a ‘Snap’ (picture or video), you can write on it in different colours, add emojis, loop it however long you want people to see it for and use the ‘scissors’ icon to cut out parts of the image or video to create your own stickers.

For additional ease-of-use, smartphones such as the LG G5 also have an attachable camera grip that make it easier to operate and also pack in a second battery to boost times between charges.

3. Create a group story

Once you’ve exhausted your creativity, Snapchat gives you the option to simply add to your story so that you and your friends can see it on your timelines. You can also add to Snapchat’s ‘our story’ so it gets picked up by the public timeline robots.

Snapchat recently introduced a feature that allows you to create your own group story too. It’s a really nice way to get you and your friends snapping all day and dumping the snaps into one location, so you can all watch them back afterwards.

4. Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles is not your average pair of sunglasses.

You can buy them either from the Snapbot vending machines (currently found in London, but are set to move around to random fun locations across the UK) or you can purchase them online too. You can simply wear the spectacles in your Snapchat or press a button to record what you see through them – you can record for up to 30 seconds longer than you normally can on the app.

This means you can spend your time actually enjoying the festival without having to hold your phone all the time – and can also save your battery life.  You can also save the content captured with the Spectacles to your camera roll, meaning you can share it on other platforms if you want to.

5. A ‘Data’ RememberRemember, sharing your snaps online requires internet data allowance, so make sure you have the right price plan to enable unlimited sharing.

Check out these monthly price plans from Vodafone to ensure you have all the data you need this summer!

Now it’s your turn to get out there – happy snapping!



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