Verge Loves: iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max with Vodafone

The new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max and Apple Watch Series 5 are coming soon to Vodafone UK. All the new iPhones can be teamed with one of Vodafone’s ground-breaking new unlimited data plans.  And new for iPhone, the unlimited plans get even better with unlimited MMS texting for just £2.50 per month – the only offer of its kind from a major operator. 

Vodafone is also announcing its new ’12 Month Upgrade Promise’ – allowing customers to upgrade their new iPhone to any handset in 12 months’ time with no early upgrade fee.

Customers who purchase any of the new Apple devices can trade in their old iPhone for a monthly discount – the trade-in offer is available with select iPhones.

Vodafone’s best ever ‘Red Ribbon’ customer service offering makes it the destination for Apple lovers. Unlike other networks, Vodafone provides all pay monthly customers with free customer service 24 hours a day.  This is perfect for those who are busy during the day and like to speak with an advisor in the evening. We’re the only network to include AppleCare Services as standard when buying Vodafone Insurance for any Apple handset and we give our customers an extended 24 month warranty for all Apple handsets. Plus our online and in-store tech team are equipped to fix any hardware or software issues.

Customers can also get support via their smartphone or tablet on Vodafone’s new and improved MyVodafone App. The app has been redesigned to provide a simpler user experience, with our chatbot, TOBi, easily accessible for any quick questions.   And with VeryMe – Vodafone’s loyalty programme – customers can also enjoy a wide range of exclusive rewards and discounts.  Over 2.5 million customers are already using VeryMe and enjoying weekly treats, rewards and discounts.

Customers who order their new iPhone with Vodafone before 10pm can collect it at one of 400 stores the next day at no extra cost. Vodafone guarantees that customers who use the click and collect method will have their phone reserved for them at their chosen retail store. This means that, unlike other operators, you won’t waste time travelling to a local store to find stock has run out.

Max Taylor, Consumer Director at Vodafone said

Vodafone is offering the best iPhone package on the market. From unlimited data, AppleCare Services included with our insurance products at no extra cost and our click and collect reservation guarantee, through to our 12 Month Upgrade Promise, Vodafone is the UK’s destination for Apple lovers.

 Customers can also combine their new device and pay monthly plan with Vodafone’s award winning home broadband. ‘Vodafone Together’ is a mobile and broadband bundle that gives customers money off their monthly bill. Plus, customers who wish to add another SIM-Only plan to their account will also get 15% off each additional line. iPhone and Apple Watch bundles, trade in offers and full pricing will be announced on Friday.

A Vodafone Entertainment Partner is the perfect match for unlimited data and a new iPhone. Customers on selected pay monthly plan can choose between Spotify Premium, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass for an extra fee.

One inciting bit of news to mention is as well as having unlimited data, the package includes Vodafone’s new ’12 Month Upgrade promise’, which means customers can upgrade their new iPhone to any handset after 12 months – including any new Apple launches in 2020 – with no early upgrade fee.

Switching to Vodafone has never been easier, simply text ‘unlimited’ to 60264. Customers can also take advantage of Vodafone’s Apple Watch Tech Team – a dedicated team of tech advisors who will support with iPhone and Apple Watch queries, giving customers a hassle-free experience.