Virgin just broke the weirdest world record ever

As part of the Virgin #VOOM 2016 campaign, Virgin’s media business department wanted to break a world record. They could’ve tried a classic like the world’s biggest Harlem Shake or blowing the largest bubblegum bubble, but instead – appropriately – they elected to hold the world’s largest ‘pitchathon’.

In case you missed it, #VOOM 2016 is a Virgin-run competition giving away £1 million worth of prize money to a selection of successful young entrepreneurs following a pitch to Richard Branson. It works in stages, starting with hundreds of start-ups creating online pitches which were culled to 160, before the ‘pitchathon’, which precedes, ultimately, further herd-thinning until we have a winner.

So, the ‘pitchathon’ or ‘business pitch marathon’ in Guinness-world-record-language lasted a record-breaking 28 hours and 51 minutes, hosting 160 businesses and countless dedicated judges, including Peter Kelly, Andy Fishburn and Julie Deane who valiantly stuck it out for the whole stint.


Peter Kelly, Managing Director of Virgin Media Business, said: “It was an ambitious record to set and a huge challenge – but we’ve done it and it feels great. All 160 businesses are part of this incredible achievement and we saw some wonderful pitches that epitomised what this record and competition is all about – being creative, resourceful and a little bit daring.”

Sir Richard Branson added: “Guinness World Records titles are tangible proof that humans can achieve incredible things if we work together and put our minds to it. Nobody breaks records – or builds successful businesses – without being dedicated and Virgin Media Business and all of those who pitched have demonstrated this perseverance in spades.”

This morning saw the announcement of the top 40 pitchers, who are through to the next stage and one step closer to the million-pound-prize-pot, and features amazing businesses like Livia’s kitchen, a free-from sweet treat extraordinaire and iDroid, the world’s first universal Android/iPhone charger.


You can check out who else made the cut over here.

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