Growing up in South West London, half Nigerian, a quarter Chadian and a quarter French, Arlo Parks learned to speak French before English. A quiet child, she’d write short stories and create fantasy worlds, later journaling and then obsessing over spoken word poetry, reading American poets such as Ginsberg and Jim Morrison and watching old Chet Baker performances on YouTube. On a personal level, Parks struggled with her identity growing up; a self-confessed tom boy who was super sensitive and “uncool”, she says it was like “I’m a black kid who can’t dance for shit, listens to emo music and currently has a crush on some girl in my Spanish class.” By the time she reached 17, she shaved her head, figured out she was bisexual and produced/wrote an album’s worth of material. She released her debut single “Cola” in 2018, earning praise from BBC Radio 1 host Huw Stephens who called her “a brilliant new talent.” 2019 saw the release of “Super Sad Generation,” with The Guardian applauding her as “the sound of emo 2.0” and “the hopeful new voice of the super sad generation.”


Alex Morley, Vevo Music & Talent Manager

Arlo Parks is the new sound of emo and we absolutely love her. The 19-year old poet and singer-songwriter creates intimate, lo-fi pop music that deals with  delicate issues including identity, anxiety and growing up in the modern world. Her voice has an unmistakable soulful tone that seamlessly takes fans from tender heartbreak to uplifting grooves. We love Arlo and genuinely can’t wait to watch her evolve as an artist with a great management (Beatnik) and label (Transgressive) team behind her in 2020.”