Verge’s Top 5 Gadgets for the Holidays

Finding the perfect gift for the technology lover on your shopping list is never easy. Fortunately, the Verge Team has come up with the five standout gadgets that are sure to please any tech-savvy person on your list!




The new Moto G £144.99
This phone will be flying off the shelves this holiday season. With a beautiful 5” HD display, stereo sound for high quality music and
videos, long battery life, incredibly fast quad-core processor and the newest Android software, the Moto G will easily keep up with all that you do. To personalise the Moto G, a variety of shells are also available.




Amazon Kindle Voyage £169
This Amazon e-reader reigns as the most premium on the market.Incredibly lightweight with a sleek glass front and magnesium back, the contrast of the screen is easy on the eyes. The tablet also features a backlight, allowing readers to enjoy their books in dark environments. Plus, as it is Kindle-branded, it allows users immediate access to Amazon’s gigantic e-book collection.





Moto 360 £199
The Moto 360 is the best new gadget for the tech-savvy person on your shopping list.
Comfortable, stylish, and crafted with the finest materials, Moto 360 keeps owners up to speed without missing a beat. By glancing at your wrist you can see updates, or simply speak to Moto 360 to have it tell you the information you need. Moto 360 also keeps track of your steps and heart rate with a battery that lasts all day, only to be recharged by a wireless charging dock at night.





Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook
The latest Nook tablet features an almost 7-inch screen packed with software features for a more reader-oriented experience. When buying the tablet, you get three free movies and books, as well as trial subscriptions to a few magazines; not to mention all of what Google Play has to offer.




The new Moto X £419.99
The new Moto X is entirely customizable, thanks to Motorola’s online design studio, Moto Maker. With thousands of possibilities, including materials such as wood and leather, and software options that even let you add your own signature. The customizable phone comes standard with a stunning 5.2” Full HD display, fast performance, and enhanced voice control. Stand out from the crowd and choose the style that best suits you with the Moto X.

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