Verges Loves: DOOM ETERNAL

On June 10th 2018, It was announced that ‘DOOM Eternal’ the rebooted sequel of the award-winning and best-selling DOOM (2016). The legendary first person shooter series, known for its deliciously violent takedowns and speedy, swift action, extends the DOOM Slayer hunt for prey through fiery and demon-infested districts on earth. The new instalment brings back a few classic villains originating from the pixel-packed original, all remastered for the modern cycle. It offers fresh, gleaming and reimagined weapons, including new weapons which are:

  • A phenomenal rune-engraved laser sword
  • Super shotgun with a meat-based grappling hook
  • Ballista (a high-tech crossbow that fires explosive bolts)
  • Heavy Cannon
  • A blade attached to the DOOM slayer’s left arm

With new tools and abilities to make even quicker work for DOOM slayers, the campaign is essentially set beyond fiery, unhallowed hellscapes which shows off some fabulous-looking new regions such as the horrifying castle sectors. We were excited to have the return of Mick Gordon to compose the soundtrack, ensuring we’ll have enough of the metal cleverness to rock out to while vanquishing evil. If you thought DOOM (2016) was impressive then you haven’t experienced anything yet. The ‘DOOM’ series is back in action with DOOM Eternal which takes the modernised version of the first-person shooter classic with alongside new demons to obliterate and devour from the world full of wickedness.

There has been no release date for the sequel but hopefully soon they’ll be more news for the availability to be on PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC.

DOOM Eternal – Official E3 Teaser Trailer:

DOOM Eternal – Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer: