Verge’s Guide to Surviving the Christmas Sales

Any dedicated shopaholic will know that the Christmas season doesn’t just mean turkey and mistletoe it also means sales.


A lot of sales.

That boast a lot of things.

Such as 50% off.

And suddenly a cape in a bizarre shade of green with tassels adorning it (I won’t stoop so low as to shame the retailer selling this item of ‘clothing’) starts to look super appealing because it’s half price… so it’s £35.99… which is basically £30… which is basically nothing… so you might as well get it… because nothing kills the bank account of a Brit like a good bargain. Am I right?

Usually I am, but not this year, because this year we are arming you with some golden rules to prevent you from committing serious fashion faux pas in an under-fed, over-caffeinated sales frenzy.


1.) Know what you own, and know why you own it:

Sales can be a really good time to make an investment in a classic piece that will stand the test of time from a well-established company. Do you really need another one-season-wonder from Topshop? Probably not. In my opinion, a good wardrobe is only as good as the staple pieces in it. Items to look out for include: good quality leather, a well-fitting trouser suit or a classic LBD.


2.) Make A List:

Once you’ve window shopped around, pick out a few items that you really, really love but just can’t afford or can’t justify purchasing at the time. Figure out what you want and then stick to it.


3.) Plan your day:

The plus of knowing what you want is that you know where you’re going to get it so you can plan your day accordingly in terms of location and timing. Aimlessly strolling around during a sale is a really bad plan and will totally throw you off your game. Plus, if you’re a short person you will be trampled on by a stampede of shoppers. I can only imagine how you must feel if you’re a tall person doing the trampling.


4.) Try everything on before it goes on sale:

It’s hard to tell how good something looks in a shop or department store rammed with people. Equally though having a cat-fight with someone over a blazer in the Kooples because it’s the last one left in your size is not a good look (not that that’s ever happened to me or anything). Plus, if you’ve tried it on already there’s a good chance you can nab it online without even leaving the comfort of your own home.


5.) Go it alone:

This one sounds kind of harsh but shopping with friends can actually be more of a hindrance to you and your bank balance than anything else. You might get distracted from your well planned out list by what they’re choosing and they might even persuade you to buy something that you don’t need, want or even really like out of sheer excitement because, let’s be honest, everyone does just get a little carried away.

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